Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Barcelona

width="50%" Smart organizations are embarking on the journey toward becoming digital economy leaders. The sooner they arrive, the sooner they can win market share. By integrating world-leading autonomic and cognitive technologies with deep transformation methodologies, we can increase the speed of your journey.


Meet IPsoft at this year’s Gartner Symposium ITxpo Barcelona, Nov 8-12, and learn how our autonomic and cognitive solutions can help you achieve radically higher levels of efficiency and quality.


Let us introduce you to the world’s first cognitive agent, Amelia and show you how she is raising productivity at global firms. Amelia interfaces on human terms. She is a virtual agent who understands what people ask – even what they feel – when they call for service. Amelia learns as she works and provides high-quality responses consistently, every day of the year.


Hear how leading organizations are leveraging IPcenter, our ITSM platform, to achieve rapid cost reductions of 35% while improving service quality. IPcenter’s cadre of “virtual engineers” work like the company’s best engineers, but do so faster, cheaper, and with an assured quality of output. Just like human engineers, they can talk to one another and work together to resolve complex, dynamic problems. Today IPcenter is able to process 56% of all events without any human intervention, freeing up your engineers’ time to focus on higher value activities.


Visit us at Booth 437.


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IPsoft’s Solution Provider Session

Interview your first digital employee: assess Amelia’s first year of work experience

Time/Date: Wednesday Nov 11, 10 am

Meeting Room: 115


Digital economies demand a digital workforce. Tomorrow’s businesses will be staffed with a combination of human and virtual labour. Are you ready to lead this coming revolution in productivity?


    • Hear how Amelia, the world’s first cognitive agent, is working with Accenture to improve efficiency in one of the world’s largest firms.
      • Rate Amelia’s performance against that of human agents for yourself.



Are You Ready to Deploy a Digital Workforce for the Digital Economy?

Time/Date: Tuesday Nov 10, 12:55 p.m.

Meeting Room: Theater A


Manual processes cannot cope with the challenge of managing exploding volumes of data in the IoT era. Automation offers the only way of adapting actions in real time in order to take advantage of every data point collected. Hiring labour from the cloud in order to help manage the myriad of connections with your customers, colleagues and suppliers is fast becoming essential. How will you integrate these digital employees into your current workforce and processes? Who will manage these digital employees and ensure they help you outperform your competition?