IPsoft Digital Workforce Summit A3

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Digital Workforce Summit

Industry pioneers will gather to share their experiences with employing a digital workforce to deliver greater business outcomes. They will be joined by leading academics whose insights on the application and impact of AI in business and society will set the foundation for how we shape our future roles and responsibilities.

Meet Amelia v3.0

IPsoft is breaking new ground in the humanization of AI. Witness how the evolution of Amelia sets a new paradigm for how cognitive agents can behave and integrate with human teams.

Be the first to see the future.

Take a tour of our Digital City

Guests will be able to walk through a day in the life of their customer and talk with Amelia to hear how she naturally communicates. Witness how she raises customer service to a new level in banking, retail, automotive and office settings.

Digital Workforce Masterclass

Amelia is at the forefront of the digital evolution of cognitive agents. Take a tour through our new Cognitive Innovation Center and learn how we bring Amelia to life.

Be there for the start of the new era.

Cognitive Innovation Center Executive Experience
2pm – 6pm

Journey to the Turing Horizon

Speakers: Amelia, Chetan Dube, IPsoft CEO

Amelia will welcome you into the heart of New York’s largest cognitive development community. From here see how digital transformation of business and society is being inspired by groundbreaking advances in science. At this turning point in the relationship between man and machine, we will take a step closer to the Turing Horizon and ask whether we have reached the point in which we can create ‘machines that think’.

In an exclusive preview of Amelia v3.0, we will examine the meeting point between man and machine. What does it mean for AI to be human? How will this new step in AI’s evolution change the way in which we design and fulfill the products and services that serve the next generation?

Amelia Digital City Tour

You’ll be transposed into a future city where digital employees are on hand to simplify our lives. Walk through a day in the life of your customer and talk with Amelia to hear how she naturally communicates. Witness how she raises customer service to a new level. In banking, retail, automotive or office settings Amelia will be ready to provide you with efficient, personalized assistance.

Digital Workforce Masterclass

Participate in our digital masterclass to accelerate your understanding of the key decisions you will need to make in order to seize the full business potential of introducing digital employees into your workforce. Working in teams together with IPsoft’s leading experts, learn how Amelia is brought to life. Moving through 5 clear stages you will be guided through the creation and deployment of truly cognitive agents.

VIP Dinner

Continue the debate with your peers on how to harness AI in order to create a better future for our communities and businesses as we transfer to the Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park. In the elegant surroundings of the Ritz, enjoy the opportunity to forge new relationships with inspiring executives from a wide range of industries during our VIP networking dinner.

Digital Workforce Summit
Morning Plenary
9am – 10:30am

Human meets AI: Arrival of the Digital Workforce

Speakers: Chetan Dube, IPsoft CEO and Edwin Van Bommel, IPsoft Chief Cognitive Officer

This is a pivotal moment in our evolution. Machines are no longer a basic tool to accelerate completion of our chores. Instead, they are the faithful companion that can transform our world. But in order to become an effective part of our workforce, machines must behave as humans. In order to raise customer experiences to a new level, machines must understand us. In order to scale new heights of economic growth, machines must be able to work alongside humans seamlessly.

As IPsoft introduces Amelia 3.0, guests are invited to see how close we have come to fulfilling Alan Turing’s vision of creating a machine that can think.

Beyond the science, there is a global transformation that will be triggered by the introduction of a digital workforce. The results of this change are already being felt and will accelerate as those able to master AI increase their lead on competitors.

Driving digital innovation at Vodafone

Speaker: Karine Brunet, Vodafone

Vodafone’s implementation of a digital workforce is a beacon of innovation. The story of the largest global implementation of Amelia to date provides a rare opportunity to learn how to embark on transformational cognitive change at scale. From concept and implementation through to the benefits that are being realized today, we are privileged to share the insights of a pioneering team.

Morning Breakouts
11am – 1pm

‘Lessons from the future’ – A series of one-hour parallel breakouts explore the impact of digital labor in insurance, banking, government, healthcare, leisure industries and across the IT function.

Nicolas Moch, SEB
Matt Tomlinson, Electronic Arts
Stefan Visser, VGZ
Karine Brunet, Vodafone
Further speakers to be announced

Each information-rich breakout session will examine how digital labor is being applied within different verticals to reshape the customer experience and drive value. The stories will be told by the executives who are leading this transformation and will provide a unique cadre of insights and experience about how to embark on the journey to creating a digital workforce. The sessions provide a window into the future as each early adopter discusses which results are being achieved.

With live Q&As we’ll move on to discussing the wider implications for each specific vertical and the emergence of new AI-led competitive drivers.

Afternoon Sessions
2pm – 3:30pm

Driving strategy for the AI economy: Economic impact and the future of competitiveness

Speakers to be announced

Senior panel discussion with CTOs of the world’s most respected consultancies and industry business leaders who will focus on how AI will impact the dynamics of business ecosystems and economic growth.

This lively exchange of views will cover the following critical questions:

  • What will the key sources of competitive advantage be in the AI economy?
  • How radically will we need to transform our business and organizational models in order to realize the potential of AI?
  • What new eco-systems will we see emerge as AI becomes ubiquitous?
  • How critical a factor will AI become in economic growth?
  • What government policies will be needed to allow AI economies to flourish?
  • How ready are we to make this leap into the future as business leaders and societies? How can we best prepare to succeed?

Future employment: Strategies for working alongside digital colleagues and managing a digital workforce

Speaker: Professor Tom Davenport, Babson College

Regarded as one of the leading innovators in management literature, Tom was the first leading authority to tackle the issue of employment change in the age of AI. His Harvard Business Review article, “Beyond Automation”, was hailed by the HBR editors as one of the best of the year and his book, “Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines”, won wide praise for offering a clear call to action for business leaders in the face of uncertainty. Offering a clear perspective on the need for a long-term strategic vision for how to combine human and digital workforces, Tom’s book articulates a sincere suite of business choices for business leaders to follow.

Closing Keynote
4:30pm – 5:15pm

Superintelligence: The future of humanity

Speaker: Professor Nick Bostrom, Oxford University

Nick’s controversial book, Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strangers, quickly became a New York Times Best Seller and brought to the top of every leader’s agenda the need to engage with the implications of the AI science that is going to be unleashed on our world within the next 20 years. A pre-eminent scholar of ethics, Nick makes the case for policies our global community must put in place to ensure a positive future for humanity in the age of AI.

9am – 2pm

Advisor & Analyst Briefing

Chetan Dube will present advisors and analysts with IPsoft’s vision and business strategy for the future by touching on what’s ahead for Amelia and the rest of IPsoft’s automation-driven solutions. In this session, some of Amelia’s most compelling use cases will be discussed at length and afterwards, attendees can meet with IPsoft executives to delve deeper into how Amelia is implemented and gain a detailed understanding of all her cognitive capabilities.

  • Roadmap for IPcenter, Amelia and Apollo.
  • Business update and value propositions.
  • Amelia interactions and success stories.
  • Optional Executive Meetings.

Be there for the start of the new era.

Our speakers include:

Nick Bostrom

Professor, University of Oxford

Best Selling author of Superintelligence, Nick leads the debate on the policies needed to ensure AI benefits humanity.

Gary Hoberman

Gary is the founder and CEO of Unqork Inc. and was also the former EVP and CIO of MetLife.

Dr. Tom Davenport

Professor, Babson College

Author of Only Humans Need Apply, Tom has written extensively about the evolving relationship between artificial intelligence and human workers.

Rocco Labellarte

Rocco is the leader of the Amelia Implementation Program for Enfield Council.

Nicolas Moch

SEB Bank

Nicolas is Head of Information, Strategy and Architecture at leading Nordic bank SEB.

Matt Tomlinson


Matt Tomlinson is the Global Director of Innovation–Customer Experience Labs for Electronic Arts.

Stefan Visser


Stefan is the Digital Cooperation Catalyst for VGZ.

Chetan Dube

CEO & President, IPsoft

Chetan will introduce Amelia 3.0 and outline his vision for how hybrid workforces, comprised of human and digital employees, will rapidly transform business models.

Edwin Van Bommel

Chief Cognitive Officer, IPsoft

Edwin will explore AI’s role in re-defining and enhancing customer experience across industries.

Industry pioneers will share lessons learned in deploying AI.

Further speaker details coming soon.

Be there for the start of the new era.

Secure your future competitive advantage now.

IPsoft Cognitive Innovation Center

Situated on the southernmost tip of Manhattan, IPsoft’s Cognitive Innovation Center is the epicenter of all of Amelia’s continued development. It forms an integral component of New York’s thriving AI community.

Address: 17 State Street – New York, NY 10004 USA

Click here to see it on Google Maps

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Located along the waterfront in Battery Park, guests can gaze upon America’s most iconic symbol of freedom: the Statue of Liberty.

Address: 2 West Street – New York, NY 10004 USA

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Be there for the start of the new era.


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