Visit IPsoft to start a conversation with Amelia and reimagine your IT and business processes


Meet Amelia at IPsoft’s Booth

When: All Week
Where: Booth 607

With Amelia on your team, you have the opportunity to transform customer experience, increasing satisfaction for your existing customers and attracting a new population of customers more efficiently than ever. Our team of experts will be sharing best practice insights for AI mobilization and taking you behind the scenes of Amelia’s brain. Learn more about:

  • Integrating Amelia with your human teams
  • The differences between virtual customer assistants and chatbots
  • Setting up a Cognitive Center of Excellence in your organization
  • How Amelia is transforming customer experience across industries

In the exhibit space, you’ll be able to step into the customer’s shoes and have your own conversation with Amelia in demonstrations of everyday interactions.


The new frontier of Business and IT Operations: Apollo

When: Tuesday, Nov 7, 10:00 – 10:45
Where: Sagrada Familia Room, AC Forum

End-to-end automated IT operations are here. How will this transformation impact IT leadership and organization models? How will these efficiencies be realized? Through Digital Labour, IPsoft is ushering in the future platform for IT Operations. Its name is Apollo. Combining both cognitive and autonomic technology, this breakthrough architecture enables the convergence of IT and business processes into a single, seamless operations engine for the AI era.


Teaching AI to Support Your Business with Amelia

When: Wednesday, Nov 8, 12:30 – 13:00
Where: Stage 1, ITxpo Hall

How does one go about training a digital employee? Learn about steps your organization will walk through in order to teach Amelia a new role. Watch her learn in real-time and hear how to create an ongoing training program that will make her your team’s top performer.



More information on Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Barcelona.