Why IPsoft?

IPsoft stands out due to its unique blend of expert systems and expert staff. Both elements combine to bring breakthrough solutions and services to market that transform business models.

Focused on Business Outcomes

IPsoft enables outcomes for customers through its autonomic and cognitive solutions.

Our team has a complete understanding of how to leverage those technologies for business benefit.

Our “virtual engineers and agents” can be scaled at no extra cost to meet any required business volume. They deliver high performance and predictable service every day.

Cost Savings and Stability

IPsoft delivers consistent Total Cost of Ownership reductions averaging over 30 percent. IPsoft ensures that its service costs to customers are stable and delivered at a flat monthly recurring value with little to no variable component. Unlike labor-linked models that may fluctuate based on wage escalation and the cost of benefits associated with attracting and retaining staff, IPsoft’s service-based approach provides customers with stable internal costs throughout the term of the engagement.

Flexible Pricing Models

IPsoft offers a number of different pricing models. For IT operations these include a fixed monthly fee for specified infrastructure, customized tiered pricing, or utility models of pricing (per port pricing) for specialized infrastructure such as IP Telephony. We offer flexibility, predictable expenditure, and the ability to reduce capital risk associated with large purchases. IPsoft offers all these models to support infrastructure both in customer data centers or hosted in co-located facilities.

Faster Response and Resolution Times

IPsoft is a company founded by a mathematician and based on mathematics. We scientifically measure our successes and offer industry leading mean times to respond of < 6 minutes average on all service transactions. We enforce strict service level agreements with meaningful financial penalties.

Consistent Execution

Manual processes are prone to human error. Even reasonably redundant manual tasks suffer an error rate approaching 10 percent. The automated error rate is near 0 percent.

Most organizations’ measures of quality of service delivery are highly subjective and focus on measuring only the output of the service delivery process, not the contributing inputs. IPsoft constantly tunes every aspect of the inputs to ensure highly consistent outputs. IPsoft’s services enable clients to improve quality of service to their customers by more than 50 percent in quantifiable categories.

Highly Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

Our IT infrastructure solution allows customers to detect problems before they become outages. Customers receive comprehensive monitoring information covering more than 10,000 possible characteristics vital to their infrastructure.

Improved Ability to Scale

With IPsoft powering infrastructure management or business operations, customers can scale far more efficiently — service delivery scaling is increasingly decoupled from human resource scaling factors.

Total Transparency

We provide full transparency into IT operations through IPcenter, our consolidated management portal. IPcenter provides a real-time, full view of all IT management functions. Our customers are then able to pinpoint direct links between operations and business activities and so make informed decisions about what changes are requires to drive business advantage.

Inspired by Great Minds

“Logic is the foundation of the certainty of all knowledge we acquire.”
Leonhard Euler

IPsoft leverages learning algorithms to rapidly deploy autonomics for a top financial firm’s fixed income trading desk, driving automation over 80%.

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“With IPsoft, we found a partner who could provide a cloud and network environment in time-intensive conditions and helped us manage the possible flood of users to the site. We are incredibly impressed that IPsoft managed to complete the project both on time and under budget.”
John Donohoe
Director of Project Management, Star Alliance