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  • Deloitte

    Resolving pain points for clients


    IPsoft and Deloitte Consulting LLP announced an alliance that will bring together Deloitte’s leading consulting services and IPsoft’s industry-leading autonomic and cognitive solutions to optimize client operations and enable business growth at scale. By developing go-to-market strategies and consulting around IPsoft’s autonomic and cognitive solutions — IPcenter and Amelia — this alliance between IPsoft and Deloitte will establish industry-focused solutions that resolve known IT pain points for clients in an accelerated implementation timeline.

    The industry is at a great inflection point in autonomics — and together, we’re able to bring our deep-sector knowledge and IPsoft’s innovative solutions to the forefront.

    - Ranjit Bawa, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Deloitte cloud and infrastructure leader

  • HFS

    “IPsoft is strongly positioned”


    According to Dr. Tom Reuner, Managing Director, Research, HfS Research, “IPsoft is strongly positioned across in HfS’ Intelligent Automation Continuum spanning both the Autonomics Platforms and Cognitive Computing categories that make up the Continuum towards true artificial intelligence."

    - HfS Autonomics Premier League Table December 2015

  • Kairos

    “The foremost ‘cognitive computer’ in the world is IPsoft’s Amelia”


    The foremost ‘cognitive computer’ in the world is IPsoft’s Amelia. Amelia can, after two months of learning from her human colleagues, handle over 60% of support tickets on her own. What about after six months or a year of training? How long until most support staff are replaced by Amelia’s successors?

    - Kairos Future: Automation – the Holy Grail of the 21st Century? November 2015

  • Kinetic

    “The closest commercial AI application”


    The latest release of “Amelia” by IPsoft is the closest we have seen to a commercial application of AI able to replace front office workers in a Contact Centre.

    - Kinetic Consulting Services: The Case for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Cisco

    Supporting partners in their deployments


    IPsoft has been a Cisco Managed Services Channel partner since 2008. IPsoft offers “white label” network operation services to Cisco partners, reflecting a broader capability and the ability to support partner to partner collaboration in the deployment of Cisco based managed services.

  • Arvato Systems Business Services

    Providing reliable IT services across Europe

    Arvato Systems Business Services

    Since 2014 Arvato Systems Business Services has embedded IPcenter into its delivery platform providing IT services to organizations across Europe.

    Unlike other platforms we have seen, IPcenter takes automation to a new level in terms of being able to drive a transformation in cost and quality of services for users.

    - Uwe Kolk, Managing Director, Arvato Systems Business Services

  • Accenture

    Enhancing automation of infrastructure and business process operations


    Accenture is using IPsoft’s technology to enhance the automation of infrastructure operations across compute, network and storage devices to help minimize manual intervention and improve service quality. Accenture is integrating Amelia within its portfolio services.

    Incorporating cognitive autonomic technology from IPsoft into our IT Services delivery drives a degree of innovation and improvement that is not possible with other tools.

    - Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology Officer, Accenture

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