More than a quarter (26%) of IT decision makers spend the equivalent of two days a week on mundane IT management. This could be wasting British businesses up to £18.9 billion in lost hours, based on the average IT manager salary.  

IPsoft's research of over 200 senior ITDMs also uncovers that 54% believe automation saves money and frees up time for more proactive activity, critically important with more than half admitting that they spend less than two days a week on innovation.

Terry Walby, IPsoft's UK Managing Director, comments:  “Having skilled IT staff spend an excessive amount of time on basic maintenance tasks is potentially demoralizing. It not only creates poor productivity and wastes money, but it can also impact retention.  A firm with its best people spending days each week on routine work will eventually either lose the momentum for proactive projects, lose the people, or perhaps lose both. By redeploying IT staff in a more creative direction, firms can re-focus their energy on the most important corporate goals.”

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