Virtual Engineer

As with many innovations, this one started with a basic question: how can we make things better?

It was early 2009, and business was booming at IPsoft. New clients and new engagements were stacking up at a record-breaking rate, and it was time to take automation to the next level.

The goal was to streamline and improve the response quality of the automata. The result: a virtual engineer, essentially a Level 1 junior systems administrator that intercepts every single incident the second it occurs and troubleshoots it.

About 75 percent of clients are covered by the virtual engineer, which is equipped to handle Network, Unix, Windows and database issues.

The technology allows IPsoft’s staff to focus on more complicated tasks. For example, the virtual engineer can handle a runbook triage that might take a human engineer half an hour or two hours to complete.

As for what’s next, the virtual engineer might get promoted: the team is “teaching” it to perform higher-level tasks and work with iSeries mainframes.