Transform your IT organization. Bring the leverage of autonomics and programmatically enforce ITIL v3 governance framework to better align your IT with business outcomes.

IPcenter v3, IPsoft’s operational service delivery portal, manages client technology environments and is designed to align business goals with service delivery. It provides tactical and strategic views of each managed component across all layers, in real time, through a single, customizable web-based portal.

IPcenter optimizes IT by building solutions around four key tenets:

ITIL v3-Alignment

IPcenter v3 is based on the ITIL v3 conceptual alignment of IT service functions with business goals. The IPcenter interface features configurable portals for service design, service transition, service operation, service delivery management and continuous service improvement.

Consolidated Framework

IPcenter is a consolidated toolset designed to encompass all facets of IT operations.  All IPcenter applications share a central Configuration Management Database (CMDB); so when the monitoring system refers to a host, for example, ticketing references the same information.

Systematically Enforced Processes

Operational processes are typically enforced by human beings (process managers).  IPcenter embeds operational processes to drive all core operational activities and capture variances.  The system ensures process adherence and execution, including:

  • Six-Sigma Quality Control
  • ITIL v3 Service Operation and Service Transition Activities (Incident, Change, Event, and Problem Management processes)

End-to-End Automation

IPcenter (through IPescalate, IPradar, IPautomata, IPdispatch and other proprietary tools) provides a consolidated end-to-end automation framework encompassing Level 1 and Level 2 activities. IPcenter automation "learns" from existing tickets specific to your environment and to the technology — in this way, an immense knowledge base backs targeted, automatic remediation. Even when automation cannot completely remediate a problem, IPcenter supports human engineering activities by gathering information.