In the competitive global financial market, up-to-the-minute information and real-time financial information is crucial to businesses. The financial industry is implementing the latest technology to speed the labor-intensive and time-consuming processes.

With a growing dependence on financial applications, financial businesses are requiring more bandwidth, available applications and secure transactions. Financial companies are choosing financial applications to improve customer service, giving them an edge over the competition. It is essential for the applications to be optimally deployed to achieve maximum application performance.

IPsoft provides extensive experience and security for insurance, online banking and asset management IT needs. IPsoft's finance solutions deliver:

Enterprise Risk Management

Businesses use Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to manage and assess risks. ERM provides proactive protection against business risks by reducing uncertainty. By analyzing internal and external potential events and opportunities, ERM manages risks for the organization. ERM focuses on aligning standards, methodologies and tools and is utilized for operations management, compliance issues and audits. Financial Businesses use ERM to monitor regulations for: Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, New York Stock Exchange Governance rules and Corporate Debt Ratings.

Financial Management Software

Financial management software improves employee productivity and lowers the administrative cost of compliance regulations. Financial management has become increasing complex with stringent compliance requirements. Financial reporting and security are made easier with financial management tools. Providing data transparency is essential for financial transactions, accounting and operations. For asset management, transparency is needed for assets and liabilities. Gathering and analyzing this data effectively is key to financial businesses.

Secure Transactions

Financial organizations need to protect their resources. Businesses rely on secure applications, web browsers, and VPNs to ensure customer privacy and organization confidentiality. IPsec, SSL and firewalls provide financial businesses with secure communication, data transfer and safe banking on the internet.

24 x 7 Support

In a global environment, financial businesses need 24 x 7 network and application availability. The networks in the financial institutions are growing, and companies need to keep the business efficient and running securely. IPsoft offers guaranteed 24 x 7 support to ensure network and application uptime.

Service Level Guarantees

Financial institutions require strong service level guarantees to maintain critical business processes. IPsoft provides industry-leading service level guarantees.

Cost Reduction

With rising network and bandwidth costs, financial institutions need to maintain costs. Financial services are looking to enhance technology and networks to produce cost savings. With IPsoft's cost saving solutions, financial institutions benefit by reducing overhead and controlling the costs of maintaining dedicated systems support.

"The IPsoft partnership enables Q-go to realize its strategic goals and expand the business internationally."
Sander Koers, Director of IT, Q-go