Pressure on government entities to increase citizen services while reducing costs has never been greater. An added challenge is the need for government agencies to source services that can fulfill their unique requirements; high security and data protection in particular .

IPsoft is well versed in managing compliance frameworks specific to government agencies. We have extensive experience meeting specialist requirements, such as US regulations for criminal justice information services and citizenship criteria for anyone handling government data. By driving efficiency through the use of autonomics rather than a labor arbitrage approach, IPsoft can deliver 100 percent of services on your shore, staffed solely by your citizens or green/blue card holders.

We offer government entities a way to benefit from cost efficient mature services at competitive rates.

Key Benefits

Reliable Disaster Recovery

Best Practice and Homeland Security Presidential Directives in the US place high demands on government agencies. IPsoft provides data backup, storage recovery and prevention services that ensure compliance.

Cost Optimization

By increasing automation in day-to-day legacy IT operations, government entities secure operational savings that can be used to fund valuable development

Secure Transactions

Highly sensitive government data requires optimum security monitoring and performance. IPsoft provides government organizations with security services and firewalls that ensure secure transmission of confidential information.

Inspired by Great Minds

As Thomas Bayes showed probabilities should rationally change to account for new evidence.

IPsoft leverages Bayesian algorithms to classify events for one of the largest credit card companies supporting each credit card transaction.

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“I have rarely worked with a partner in whom I have placed such a high level of trust and confidence. IPsoft has a great team that is perfectly aligned with (its) philosophy in delivering the highest quality of service.”
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