The health care industry relies on constant connectivity, reliable storage and enhanced security to provide efficient patient care. Health care organizations need constant uptime; patients' lives rely on accessible medical information. Storage needs are essential, with copious medical files kept on servers. And security is of great importance to health care providers – HIPAA regulations stipulate that patient data be protected from theft and accidental disclosure.

Enhanced technology in the medical field helps to improve patient diagnoses and treatments. Physicians and medical staff are replacing paper charts with electronic charts and prescriptions. Data-sharing improves health care, as well as reducing insurance and medical costs.

IPsoft provides disaster recovery, security, connectivity and storage services for the health care industry. IPsoft's health care solutions deliver:

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a HIPAA requirement. HIPAA requires moving private patient data securely, and setting up a disaster recovery site with the same level of security. Disaster recovery can include sending tape back ups off site for storage, server virtualization and failover measures. IPsoft's data backup and storage/recovery is an effective solution for health care providers.

Secure Transactions

Health care organizations need to provide security for patient information. The medical field relies on secure applications, web browsers, and VPNs to ensure patient privacy. IPsoft's security technology includes IPsec, SSL and firewalls to provide health care organizations with secure communication, data transfer and secure patient electronic health records.


With patient lives at stake, health care services rely on constant network availability. IPsoft provides 24 x 7 application and network availability to ensure uninterrupted health services. With increased Quality of Service and guaranteed bandwidth for key applications, IPsoft makes sure health care providers are up to speed.


Patient records need to be safely stored and kept available for long periods. IPsoft's expertise in data storage technology, such as NAS, SAN, iSCSI and Infiniband provides health care companies with excellent storage options. Our scalable, cost-effective solutions are the perfect fit for the health care industry.

"[IPsoft] has truly become an extension of our organization, tied to us through our strategic vision and operating goals."
Brian Jones, CIO, Gentiva