In a rapidly evolving media landscape, media companies are focusing on digital content management and adapting to the need for on-demand capabilities.


For media industry customers, IPsoft provides network management around content delivery networks, content management and broadcast systems. All services are underpinned by IPsoft’s autonomic systems.


Media companies, particularly large conglomerates, frequently struggle with disjointed systems and processes across corporate divisions. IPsoft’s IT management solution, IPcenter, provides transparency across the entire landscape. It consolidates information and provides a single, centralized location through which all properties and assets can be managed in a central location.

Key Benefits

Reliable 24 x 7 Availability

IPcenter’s proactive detection and remediation of problems before they cause outages ensure media businesses can provide continuous current content.

Secure Transactions

Our security services and firewalls allow media businesses to offer customers secure transactions over the Internet and protect delivery of their media content.

Margin Protection

Autonomic management of IT provides media businesses with the capability to reduce total cost of operations dramatically and reinvest in technologies that will secure competitive advantage for this fast changing industry.

Inspired by Great Minds

Alan Turing asked “Can machines think?”

IPsoft leverages artificially intelligent machines to enable the world’s largest media company’s service center to support over 60,000 calls per month nationwide.

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