Media consumers now have more ways to access content and products, and in a growing and changing industry, media companies need to retain consumer attention. Technology plays a key role in cost-effective distribution. Now more than ever, digital content management is the focus for media businesses as they adapt to the expansion of online business presence, digital media content and on-demand capabilities. In the global media environment, a well accessed data center also is key.
IPsoft's media solutions deliver:

Managed Services Solution

For media industry customers, IPsoft manages Web and application servers, databases, storage, operating systems, content management systems and applications. IPsoft’s media managed service solutions include:

  • Developing the capability to deploy content globally
  • Managing Content Delivery Network (CDN) for content distribution to deliver content, including text, images, audio, and video and flash applications to the end-user
  • Adopting a best-of-breed content management solution
  • Developing visitor registration and protected content modeling capabilities
  • Developing business case and advertiser opportunities for alternative content delivery mechanisms
  • Providing statistical analysis: traffic vs. performance trending
  • Integrating back-office systems integration and planning with web services
  • Developing media management and DRM capabilities

Secure Transactions

Media companies need to protect their media content and resources. Businesses rely on secure applications, web browsers, and VPNs to ensure secure media content delivery and content protection. IPsec, SSL and firewalls provide media businesses with secure transactions and data transfer on the internet.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) manages the unstructured information of an organization by capturing, storing and delivering content and documents. ECM manages re-usable content and archives and manages digital documents and correspondence. ECM provides security for documents and content, as well as digital rights management and watermarking. With ECM’s improved data monitoring and access, organizations can better meet business goals, serve customers and fulfill compliance regulations.

Website Uptime

Digital media requires greater bandwidth and connectivity capabilities. Media businesses have stringent uptime requirements. IPsoft’s managed service solutions guarantee outage detection and remediation for network and servers for minimal disruption of customer traffic.

Enhanced Network and Application Performance

Media businesses need 24 x 7 system, network and application administration services and monitoring to provide continuous current content. IPsoft’s managed solutions provide proactive detection and remediation of problems before they cause outages.

Lower TCO

In the constantly changing media environment, media businesses need to manage the high cost of running their networks. With experienced staff and cutting edge automation technology, IPsoft managed solutions provide lower TCO for media businesses.

"IPsoft is one of the best at running data centers."
Managing Director, Leading UK Telecom Provider