With retailers competing globally, retail businesses need to maintain efficient, available business applications and services. Retail companies looking to provide superior customer service are utilizing technology to improve customer care. An improved IT infrastructure can also affect employee productivity.

Today’s retail business strategies utilize technology while maximizing IT cost reduction opportunities. By implementing new technologies, retail companies can reduce administrative costs, gain market share and increase revenue. IPsoft's managed services for retail businesses include:

Customer Relationship Management

Businesses use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to increase revenue and provide better customer service. CRM manages the organization’s customer process by tracking sales and customer services and allowing businesses to categorize and view customer needs and habits. CRM is utilized for automated sales and marketing capabilities, data mining and inter-department collaboration. The CRM systems show a consolidated view of customer information, help identify customer relationships and value and help sales employees find customer information quickly.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates business systems, data and processes into one system, helping to cut administrative costs. As a unified database to store data, ERP benefits include lower maintenance and greater reporting capabilities. ERP helps businesses upgrade their accounting, reporting and purchasing tasks. Businesses use ERP to improve employee productivity and enhance efficiency.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a supply chain operation process. SCM process includes managing the operations of the supply chain, including product manufacturing, distributing, ordering and performance management and support. SCM also includes partner and third party vendor collaboration.

Point of Sale Systems

Point of Sale (POS) systems are utilized by retail businesses for more than just sales transactions. POS systems include integrated accounting, inventory and CRM services. By combining services, POS systems can enhance retail performance while reducing costs.

IPsoft's retail solutions deliver:

Increased Application Response Time

IPsoft network management services increase Quality of Service and increase application response time for employees and customers.

Efficient Bandwidth Management

By efficiently managing the traffic, IPsoft reduces the need for more bandwidth.

24 x 7 Availability

In today’s competitive market, retail companies need to provide 24 x 7 internet application availability. IPsoft develops SLAs with specific requirements for a retail business with 24 x 7 support service.

Network Efficiency

Retail businesses depend upon peak network efficiency and require enhanced quality of service for their applications and servers.

Enhanced Technology

IPsoft’s IPcenter identifies network issues and uses automated resolutions for quick problem resolve time.

Upgraded WANs

Retail companies require up-to-date technology for their wide area network to better serve clients and employees.


IPsoft migrates businesses network sites from a traditional frame relay network to a high speed VPN network.

Cost Savings

IPsoft uses Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology to ensure the correct routing of each packet in the network. MPLS increases quality of service of the network and provides improved network and application performance and availability. IPsoft helps retail businesses control the costs of their network, and stay relevant in a changing market.

"It's a classic example of great team work. We made the correct choice when selecting IPsoft as a partner."
Victor Colon, CIO, American Standard