In a competitive marketplace, retailers need to maintain efficient, available applications and services, particularly as they expand their business.

IPsoft industrializes the IT infrastructure enablement process through its Store in a Box offering, applicable to retailers ranging from fashion outlets to large department stores. Store in a Box is a predetermined catalog of processes that standardizes ordering, installation, and configuration of devices in order to ensure “Day Two” steady state management. 

The solution allows retailers to incorporate IT infrastructure into their overall store planning process. For retailers who are opening new stores this is particularly valuable. The solution enhances their ability to predict costs and project timelines easily through the use of autonomics, allowing for seamless growth.

Key Benefits

Reliable 24 x 7 Availability

Intense competition means that retail customers will quickly find alternatives when applications are slow or unavailable. IPcenter’s autonomic technology radically reduces errors in the system to ensure services are running whenever customers need them.

Consistent Response Times

Retail businesses depend upon peak network efficiency in order to capitalize on sharp rises in trading volumes at short notice. Through automation IPcenter can absorb and manage fluctuations in volume with no impact on quality of operations.

Secure Transactions

It is imperative for online retailers to demonstrate that customers can buy repeatedly from their sites without succumbing to fraud. IPsoft provides retailers with the security services and firewalls that ensure secure transmission of transactions maintains high customer confidence.

Inspired by Great Minds

“Logic is the foundation of the certainty of all knowledge we acquire.”
Leonhard Euler

IPsoft leverages learning algorithms to rapidly deploy autonomics for a top financial firm’s fixed income trading desk, driving automation over 80%.

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“…It is now possible for us to push our business development continually, thanks to cooperating with the globally-operating company IPsoft.”
Oliver Menzel
CEO, Wusys