Every organization needs a flexible infrastructure that can scale for business growth. In the global economy, this is especially important for technology-based businesses, which often have multiple offices and remote employees worldwide.

To compete in a global market, a technology company's network infrastructure must provide continuous network and application availability. Up-to-date technology provides value by improving business processes. IT labor and network costs can consume much of a company’s budget. By investing in their network infrastructure and applications and deploying efficient processes, IT companies can better manage application and product lifecycles to provide customers and partners valuable products.

IPsoft speeds the time to market for technology businesses by monitoring and providing maintenance of the IT infrastructure. IPsoft's technology services deliver:


IT companies are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) as a way to manage IT costs. By renting software instead of purchasing it, IT companies can save time and effort consumed by managing and operating enterprise software. Paying for just a subscription to the software instead of purchasing the software up front and paying for each upgrade cuts costs helps technology companies control costs.


Storage is a growing need for IT companies. IT companies need better storage optimization solutions to access all the data.

WAN Uptime

IT companies require the global IT market have access to their website and product offerings. IPsoft’s managed service solutions guarantee outage detection and remediation for network and servers for minimal disruption of customer traffic.

Network and Application Availability

Relying on 24 x 7 IT companies require access to their system, network and application administration services and monitoring to ensure productivity. IPsoft develops SLAs with specific requirements for 24 x 7 support service

Lower TCO

To compete globally, IT companies need to manage the high cost of running their networks. With experienced staff and cutting-edge automation technology, IPsoft managed solutions provide lower TCO for business.

"The IPsoft team has really impressed us on being able to tackle all of the high priority requests that we have been sending in...a big kudos to your team."
Program Manager, Fortune 100 Software Giant