The utilities industry operates within a changing regulatory environment and faces ever-growing cost and operational efficiency pressures. Decisions within the industry must be made within the context of countless pressures: cost control, demand management and compliance must be exactingly managed.

IPsoft understands that this level of complexity is best addressed by intelligent, expert systems working in tandem with top-tier engineers. IPsoft has created tremendous leverage within the industry through its ability to deploy auto-didactic automation, a consolidated approach to service delivery, and customized service delivery processes. IPsoft's utilities solutions deliver:

Co-location & Bandwidth Support

High-performance, fault-tolerant network connectivity at a Level 3 data center. 

Network Infrastructure Configuration

IPsoft delivers an enterprise-class connectivity solution for utility customers, including fully redundant routers, redundant core switches, redundant distribution switches and firewall/VPN with failover.

IPsoft monitors the availability of network infrastructure and network latency rates, promptly detecting any outages in the network infrastructure

Systems Management Support

IPsoft is responsible for the uptime and guaranteed availability of systems including the following tasks:

  • Hardware Configuration, Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Operating System Management, Patching and Maintenance
  • Storage Management Services, Storage Array and Switchover Interconnect
  • Systems Applications Management
  • Day-to-day system and network management, including system and process fault management, remediation, application upgrades, database management, network management and backup management

Performance Management and Capacity Planning

IPsoft monitors the performance of assigned systems and network devices, and based on the analysis of the management parameters and extrapolation of utilization growth, makes qualified capacity planning recommendations.

Information Management

IPsoft maintains a customer knowledge base which tracks detailed history on each customer environment, including outages, known problems and remediation. This enables efficient diagnosis of system issues and ensures quick remediation of repetitive problems.

"IPsoft leverages autonomic engineering to remediate over 60% of the problems automatically."
Big Four Consulting Firm