Apr. 24: Tata Communications Selects IPsoft to Combat False Answer Supervision

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
NEW YORK — IPsoft, a leading provider of autonomic managed services, today announces that Tata Communications, a leading provider of The New World of Communications has selected IPsoft to enhance its False Answer Supervision detection programs across its range of International Voice Termination Solutions. 

False Answer Supervision (FAS) has become a growing reality in the international call termination market. FAS occurs when customers are charged for incomplete calls. Tata Communications announced that it was addressing this problem two years ago and developed internal processes to identify carriers with the most significant FAS issues. Today, combining IPsoft’s FAS solution with Tata Communications’ real time routing platform greatly enhances the ability to identify and remediate FAS, resulting in FAS-free, high-quality call completion.   

Tata Communications’ service  uses a self-learning and proprietary algorithm developed by IPsoft that detects false answers in real-time by statistically analyzing call detail records (CDRs) to monitor the timing of the signaling necessary to connect  international calls. IPsoft’s solution provides up to 95% accuracy rates, scales for large carriers with over 100 million calls daily, and saves significant operational expenses for wholesale operators. 

“Tata Communications is uniquely well-connected with over 1,600 service providers globally, providing communications access to over 240 countries and territories. It led the way with the formation of the Fight FAS Forum, now part of the i3 forum. As an extension of this, the identification of incorrect billing patterns is a highly complex task, and IPsoft’s FAS solution is helping us attack the problem head on. IPsoft provides advanced technology that will keep us ahead of the carriers capitalizing on FAS today,” said Daniel Bergeron, SVP of Global Voice Solutions Commercial Operations, Tata Communications.

Chetan Dube, CEO at IPsoft, said: “We originally developed our autonomic system to learn the patterns of falsely answered calls for our enterprise business, and have been very pleased with the interest shown by Tata Communications and other large carriers in tackling the problem at source. We had a very successful trial with Tata Communications prior to finalizing this agreement, which highlights the confidence attributed to the technology and its results."
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