As a partner to Cloud providers, IPsoft delivers a full operational platform for public, private, or hybrid Clouds. The core IPsoft service delivery platform, IPcenter, runs on the Cloud provider infrastructure, delivering comprehensive orchestration, cross-platform governance and automation.

IPsoft assumes responsibility for your cloud platform and delivers visibility, automation, simplicity, flexibility and security.

IPsoft Cloud Services

  • Service or application management – Managing what runs on cloud resources
  • Storage and network management – Storage/network-based cloud resources
  • Hardware management – Optimizing the hypervisor; e.g., VMware ESX
  • Virtual machine management – Define and deploy virtual machines; IP address management
  • Monitoring – Autonomic monitoring, fail over, bursting and predictive deployment
  • Reporting – Standard hardware-level reporting as well as service-level reporting
  • Design and architecture maintenance 



  • Better align IT spend with changing needs of environment
  • Better analyze, inventory and allocate existing assets
  • Increase use of existing hardware via virtualization software and cloud computing


  • Add virtualization layer to existing IT estate

Data Center

  • Reduce data center footprint
  • Reduce power consumption


  • Advancements in IT automation benefit the virtualized environment
  • Maintain or increase QoS while reducing overall spend

"It's a classic example of great team work. We made the correct choice when selecting IPsoft as a partner."
Victor Colon, CIO, American Standard