IPsoft, as a vendor-neutral Managed Services Provider, maintains relationships with leading data center providers including: AT&T, BT, Equinix, Savvis and Level (3). IPsoft partner data centers, located throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and India, offer robust IT infrastructure, excellent connectivity and strong physical and logical security.

Hosting Services

  • Managed hosting solutions
  • Full implementation of services
  • Large-scale web hosting/e-commerce/private clouds
  • Co-location based hosting via selected partners
  • Automated deployment solutions
  • Datacenter/Systems/Network/Storage design
  • Security consulting

IPsoft manages Tier 3 and 4 datacenters. Our comprehensive datacenter solution encompasses everything from design to buildout to server management.

Datacenter Services

  • Datacenter design, including rack layout power and cooling requirements
  • Provisioning, including equipment, network gear and server gear
  • Cabling
  • Server and rack installation and logistics
  • Vendor management
  • Standard datacenter monitoring and ongoing management

Migration Services

  • Inventory of all existing equipment
  • Document of all applications/software/hardware dependencies
  • Design/planning for procurement/new equipment
  • Design of software/hardware migration
  • Coordinating with move vendors
  • Moving of equipment and installing software
  • Moving applications
  • Data migration
  • Testing and validation of new applications and software
  • Decommissioning of old equipment
  • Full corporate IT application migration
  • Migration design/support for Active Directory, SharePoint, Exchange

Typical Datacenter Features

  • Redundant power supply grid
    1. A/B power grids
    2. N+1 redundant UPS
    3. N+1 diesel generators
    4. 48 minimum onsite diesel supply
    5. Emergency diesel supply contacts
  • Redundant HVAC
    1. N+1 Chillers
    2. N+1 Air Handlers
    3. Onsite chiller water supply
    4. HVAC on diesel backup
  • Flood protection
    1. Above flood plain location
    2. No critical systems underground
  • Tornado resistant structures
  • Smoke detectors and fire suppression systems
  •  Hot and cold aisle layouts

"IPsoft is one of the best at running data centers."
Managing Director, Leading UK Telecom Provider