E-commerce is in IPsoft’s corporate DNA; we were formed in 1998 as a company that sought to provide support services to the fledgling e-commerce industry. IPsoft provides ongoing management of e-commerce applications to prevent costly downtime, maintain a reliable online presence and ensure that your site survives and thrives.

IPsoft's services include:

  • Proactive application monitoring on the performance of your application as well as the availability of third-party services integrated into it
  • Dedicated support from a team of named resources who support your application needs every step of the way, 24x7x365
  • Management of your e-commerce application and optionally supporting infrastructure layers including the network, operating system, web, database and middleware
  • Application maintenance of e-commerce platforms, including proactive monitoring, minor enhancements, content pushes, patches and fixes and reporting
  • Security administration management to help enhance the security of your system, including adding new users, checking access logs and notifying you of attempts at inappropriate access