Cloud Services

IPsoft partners with cloud providers to deliver a full operational platform for public, private, or hybrid clouds. The core IPsoft service delivery platform, IPcenter, runs on cloud infrastructure, delivering comprehensive orchestration, cross-platform governance, and automation. IPsoft assumes responsibility for your cloud platform and delivers visibility, automation, simplicity, flexibility and security.

IPsoft Cloud Services

• Service and application: Manage services running on top of the cloud
• Storage and network management: Manage your resources and connectivity
• Monitoring: Autonomic monitoring, fail over, bursting and predictive deployment
• Hardware management: Optimizing hosts and hypervisors
• Reporting: Device and service level reporting
• Virtual machines: Define and deploy virtual machines. Manage their addresses.
• Design and architecture: Build your environment to meet business targets


Align IT spending with the changing needs of your environment.
Analyze, inventory and allocate existing assets.
Efficiently use existing hardware via virtualization and cloud computing.


Advanced IT automation scale alongside your virtualized environments.
Improve service quality while reducing overall spend.

Data Center

Reduce data center footprint.
Reduce power consumption.


Add virtualization layer to existing IT estate.

Inspired by Great Minds

“Science may set limits to knowledge but should not set limits to imagination.”
Bertrand Russell

A top insurance carrier leverages IPsoft autonomics to fully automate over 10,000 changes to their cloud environment per month.

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“IPsoft is one of the best at running data centers.”
Managing Director
Leading UK Telecom Provider