The Autonomic Backbone of Your Business

1Desk integrates your enterprise software into a single platform through end-to-end automation. Backed by AI and machine learning, 1Desk automates IT and administrative tasks with spoken commands.

No More Tickets

1Desk eliminates support tickets, frees employees from repetitive tasks and delivers fiction-free access to digital services with automation and cognitive AI.

A Next-Generation Conversational Interface
Users access 1Desk’s autonomic backbone through Amelia, the always-available digital AI colleague. Amelia’s industry-leading Natural Language Interface (NLI) allows users - regardless of department, title or technical knowledge - to independently locate information, access services and resolve issues, all by interacting directly with Amelia.

No more forms No more handbooks No more tickets Just ask Amelia

Real End-to-End Automation
Many companies claim end-to-end functionality because they can integrate multiple IT ops tools. With 1Desk, we've exceeded the limits of today’s IT management. Now employees can interact with a cognitive agent who can launch end-to-end processes that solve problems without the help of IT staff.
RPA to the Power of Cognitive
With Amelia as the interface, any user can tap into 1Desk’s virtual army of Robotic Process Automations (RPAs), which execute routine business tasks at machine speed. 1Desk’s advanced Machine Learning (ML) observes how your company functions and recommends new automations in order to continually grow its knowledge base, and improve business operations.

Improve People and Processes

We designed 1Desk to serve as a unified platform that spans a company’s entire business ecosystem – from help desk to human resources, to finance, to e-procurement.

Employees today waste too much time navigating complex business processes, dragging down productivity. Users need to quickly learn company systems to do their jobs effectively. With 1Desk, technology is enabled through true end-to-end automation and cognitive features, making corporate systems seamless and easier-to-use. 1Desk’s virtual agents and engineers are designed to empower humans and improve the work they do.
Digital Colleagues

The 1Desk Difference: IT Operations Reimagined

Integration Framework

Any software with an open API allows for integrations. With 1Desk, we help you build integrations every step of the way, and provide the framework if you’d like to build them yourself.


Any system lets you build workflows. 1Desk watches and learns as workflows are being built manually and can turn those workflows into automations.


Predictive monitoring and analysis are basic IT ops requirements. 1Desk takes them a step further by allowing automations to respond to data for real-time recommendations and adjustments.

Kubernetes for Hosting

What good is an end-to-end ecosystem if one application can crash and bring everything else down with it? Kubernetes allows 1Desk to separately host applications so that one system’s failure doesn’t impact an entire operation.

(Autonomics)Cognitive = 1Desk

1Desk is the result of 20 years of automation excellence. Our AI products have empowered the world’s largest companies to completely reimagine how they do business. IPsoft’s suite of intelligent solutions reliably deliver:
  • Increase IT efficiency by 30% in 90 days
  • A 60% reduction in MTTR
  • 56% reduction of human intermediation on common IT events
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Amelia is Deeply Integrated with 1Desk

Amelia observes every action that takes place in 1Desk, studying each transaction, interaction, and automation to ensure she’s up-to-speed on what’s happening. Her role is critical because Amelia is the first point of contact for your employees when requesting IT support.

Leveraging AI for the Modern Enterprise

Through the autonomic and cognitive AI capabilities in 1Desk, we’ve given technology the power to accelerate business processes, and make employees’ jobs easier. Instead of handling IT support queues, or filling out forms, or searching through corporate manuals, 1Desk can automatically connect employees with the information, resources and systems they need to be successful.

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Digital Colleagues
Amelia, it appears that Wi-Fi is down.
I’ll run a few tests. It appears that you’re right. I’ll provide you with an alternative network and password so you can connect.
Amelia, can you please recover a deleted email that I sent earlier this week?
Of course. Can you tell me the subject line and/or the date the email was sent?

Modernize without Risk

With 1Desk’s integration framework, you never need to rip and replace the legacy systems you intend to keep. Instead, you can connect those systems to 1Desk and have it serve as the autonomic backbone holding everything together. This is legacy modernization without risk and without a complete overhaul of your technology ecosystem.

Find out How 1Desk Enhances Your Previous IT Investments. 


IPlogs turn real-time end-to-end data into easy-to-consume visualizations and easy-to-configure automations.

Event Monitoring

Track the health of your end-to-end IT environment in real time.


1Desk with 1RPA allows your company to design and command virtual engineers through Robotic Process Automation.

1Desk for HR

Any HR request that would traditionally be handled manually by staff using a human resources management solution (HRMS) can be spoken or inputted via chat to Amelia. Today, employees usually need to open a new browser, access a HRMS web page, enter log-in credentials (if they can remember them), and tab through the HRMS to find the page for their particular need.

With Amelia, they can click on her avatar and speak or type their request directly.

1Desk for Financial Services

Today, workers use disconnected tools to handle various finance processes within their business. There’s an expense management tool for submitting receipts, a time-tracking tool for setting schedules and requesting time off, a payroll tool for compensating employees, and others.

Many finance and administrative employees usually access these tools separately, as each have various procedures and approvals that must be followed. What’s more, application or system errors often take an inordinate amount of time to correct, slowing transactions and operations. Amelia and 1Desk serve as a connection between these tools to help automate and simplify these processes.

1Desk for the Back Office

We designed 1Desk to serve as an enterprise platform that can span a company’s entire business ecosystem, from help desk to HR, to finance, to e-procurement. Today, workers use disconnected tools to handle different business processes. There’s an HR tool for requesting vacation time. There’s an expense management tool for reimbursement claims. There’s a CRM tool for logging customer calls. Amelia and 1Desk bridge the gap between the front office and the back office.

When integrated end-to-end across IT operations and back office functions, Amelia is able to answer basic and complex questions by accessing information in corporate digital systems.

1Desk creates and defines a new category of enterprise applications. Just as the mobile revolution introduced the notion of ‘mobile-first’ applications, 1Desk is the first ‘cognitive-first’ application ever developed. We have re-imagined how business services can be delivered and will set the standard for a new generation of applications designed for superior user experience using AI

Chetan Dube, Chief Executive Officer, IPsoft.

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During the next decade, there will be a growing divide between the AI-haves and AI-have-nots. Companies that embrace AI will improve productivity, slash inefficiencies, increase Net Promoter Scores and create new customer experiences; others will struggle to address 21st-century challenges with 20th-century solutions. What kind of company will yours be? Why wait to add AI elements incrementally when you can integrate all your existing IT operations and shared services into a central autonomic backbone right now? Ready to reimagine your enterprise with 1Desk?

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