A unified experience for all IT, Human Resources, Finance and Administrative support

1Desk is an innovative enterprise service platform which drives powerful business efficiencies and benefits with its ability to streamline operations from the front-office to the back-office. 1Desk provides employees simplified access to key internal systems, and resolves service and support issues through automation and cognitive AI.

Digital Operations Powered by Cognitive and Autonomic AI

Cognitive Agents

Amelia will serve as your company’s new digital colleague. Through her conversational interface, Amelia will take and fulfill support requests, provide information on internal processes and procedures, and answer employee questions on corporate policies.

No more forms No more handbooks No more tickets Just ask Amelia

Human Employees

People play a critical role in 1Desk – they escalate issues and problems through appropriate routes when digital colleagues are unable to complete certain tasks, provide initial training for digital colleagues, and ensure a lifecycle of continuous improvement in 1Desk.

Virtual Engineers

These engineers complete tasks in applications and IT systems based on input from Amelia and other systems. 1Desk automates the creating of automations for a more agile enterprise.

When a problem issue is solved once or several times, the Virtual Engineer – using APIs or information from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems-- recognizes common patterns and resolutions to automatically create new automations, so these problems are solved autonomically and more efficiently in the future.

Improve People and Processes

We designed 1Desk to serve as an enterprise platform that can span a company’s entire business ecosystem -- from help desk to human resources, to finance, to e-procurement.

Employees today are overwhelmed by internal processes, excessive communication and interruptions. Users need to learn technology and company systems in order to execute on business processes, receive services and do their jobs. With 1Desk, technology is enabled through automation and cognitive features to make operational and employee systems seamless and easier-to-use. 1Desk’s virtual agents and engineers are designed to empower humans and improve the work they do.

Digital Colleagues

1Desk Digital Labor Studio

The Digital Labor Studio (DLS) is a nexus of technology, processes, resources and talent which is designed to drive new efficiencies through intelligent use of the AI and automation technologies within 1Desk.

Driven by an interdisciplinary group of automation engineers, cognitive specialists and linguists, the DLS team is guided by analytics and processes designed for continuous data-drive improvement. The team constantly analyzes the activities, escalations and suggests optimization of the work occurring within the platform.

Companies that deploy 1Desk can create and deploy their own Digital Labor Studio within their business to oversee 1Desk and deliver real change throughout the business – all powered by AI talent and technologies.

(Autonomics)Cognitive = 1Desk

1Desk delivers innovative features and capabilities that allow for dynamic and seamless communication between Amelia, the externally-facing cognitive agent, and the underlying internal autonomic infrastructure:

Digital Colleagues

Amelia is deeply integrated within 1Desk

- Amelia can automatically recognize changes made to internal processes by the autonomic infrastructure, and adjust how she interacts with users accordingly.

- Amelia is trained to fully adhere to industry policies and regulatory procedures, so business compliance across the infrastructure is assured.

- Amelia can communicate asynchronously and in a multi-threaded fashion throughout 1Desk, so she can execute tasks seamlessly on her own.

- Amelia learns and improves over time; she can compare similar tasks completed through 1Desk and determine the most optimal paths and options to successfully complete future requests.

Leveraging AI for the Modern Enterprise

Through the autonomic and cognitive AI capabilities in 1Desk, we’ve given technology the power to accelerate business processes, and make employees’ jobs easier. Instead of handling IT support queues, or filling out forms, or searching through corporate manuals, 1Desk can automatically connect employees with the information, resources and systems they need to be successful.

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Digital Colleagues
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1Desk Delivers the Future of
IT Management

For IT support and operations, 1Desk re-imagines how a fully automated system can be built, maintained and continuously improved using Digital Labor.

Unparalleled Process Visibility

Through its dashboards, 1Desk can display live and historical flows of automated activities within the platform and associated systems. Managers and IT personnel are provided with unique insights into the inner workings of their systems and how enterprise services are being delivered.

End-to-end Orchestration

1Desk combines Operations Management and Service Management with RPA into a singular and seamless end-to-end IT Management Platform. Existing ITSM and monitoring solutions can be easily integrated, so 1Desk protects previous IT investments.

Business-Based Dashboards

1Desk’s out-of-the-box dashboards highlight business-relevant metrics from Six Sigma methodology, so the platform’s progress on tasks and requests can be constantly monitored and improved.

Ready to work on Day One

As a digital colleague within 1Desk, Amelia comes with a vast amount of experience, and she can handle virtually all tasks in an enterprise IT Service Desk. Our 1Desk Virtual Engineers (software which was developed for our flagship IPcenter platform) have been automating IT infrastructures for global enterprises and service providers for decades.

Fixed one time, fixed forever

1Desk learns via observation. When human engineers or subject matter experts resolve issues manually, the platform can automatically put those permanent fixes into production with the approval of human colleagues (such as automation strategists and conversational journey designers).

Ready to Learn

1Desk brings automated and continuous improvement through the platform’s observation and machine learning capabilities. Whenever human engineers or support staff manually fix issues, 1Desk actively monitors and extracts data from those activities to improve how it acts in the future.

1Desk creates and defines a new category of enterprise applications. Just as the mobile revolution introduced the notion of ‘mobile-first’ applications, 1Desk is the first ‘cognitive-first’ application ever developed. We have re-imagined how business services can be delivered and will set the standard for a new generation of applications designed for superior user experience using AI

Chetan Dube, Chief Executive Officer, IPsoft.

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