What is 1Desk?

1Desk is the autonomic backbone for your business. Building on our 20-year history of AI innovation, 1Desk automates IT and business processes end-to-end by combining autonomic and cognitive technology into a unified platform. Amelia, our market-leading digital colleague, is 1Desk’s conversational interface, allowing your users to access IT, HR, Finance and Administrative support systems through the power of conversation. No more support tickets – just an on-demand enterprise.

Access to a Cognitive Agent

With Amelia as 1Desk's conversational interface, users can connect instantly with internal corporate systems, improving speed and productivity. Amelia can execute support tasks, keep users fully informed as their requests are processed, and provide information on company policies and procedures.

End-to-End Automation with Virtual Engineers

1Desk is the only solution to provide full end-to-end automation. As human engineers complete tasks, virtual engineers identify and create new automations to improve business processes. This ability to automate the creation of automations leads to more streamlined operations.

Enable a Hybrid Workforce

People play a critical role in 1Desk, which can escalate issues and exceptions to human colleagues when necessary. Digital and human employees work together to create new automations over time, ensuring a lifecycle of continuous improvement.

How Does 1Desk Work?

1Desk integrates your backend enterprise systems into a single intelligent platform. Powered by RPA, autonomics, cognitive AI and machine learning, 1Desk automates IT and administrative tasks with a single command.

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Read About Combining the Power of Automation and Cognitive AI in the Enterprise

With 1Desk, we’ve moved beyond the limits of traditional IT management and internal service delivery. Now employees can bypass support ticketing systems and directly access a cognitive agent who can launch end-to-end processes and solve problems, without involving IT staff. The end result: No more tickets.

In this white paper from IPsoft and Everest Research, Reimagining the Employee Experience in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, we examine how a combination of analytics, automation, and conversational interfaces — which are all part of the 1Desk platform — can transform employee experiences. We also detail real-life business use cases and how these AI technologies are delivering ROI. 

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Read the Whitepaper

What Makes 1Desk Different?

"1Desk creates and defines a new category of enterprise applications. Just as the mobile revolution introduced the notion of ‘mobile-first’ applications, 1Desk is the first ‘cognitive-first’ application ever developed. We have re-imagined how business services can be delivered and will set the standard for a new generation of applications designed for superior user experience using AI."

-Chetan Dube, Chief Executive Officer, IPsoft

(Autonomics)Cognitive = 1Desk

Digital Colleagues

Amelia: 1Desk's Conversational Interface

Amelia communicates using natural language, and understands intents and emotions, so users can speak to her as they would to a human colleague through multiple channels. She works within 1Desk to learn and improve over time; she can compare similar tasks completed through 1Desk and determine the best method to handle future requests. Amelia automatically recognizes changes made to internal processes by the autonomic infrastructure, and adjusts how she interacts with users accordingly. Amelia is trained to fully adhere to industry policies and regulations, ensuring compliance across the business. Amelia can communicate asynchronously and in a multi-threaded fashion throughout 1Desk, so she can execute tasks seamlessly on her own.

Complete End-to-End Automation

1Desk is an ITIL-compliant end-to-end automation platform, with analytics, event correlation, root case analysis, anomaly detection and other innovative features. Out-of-the-box, 1Desk is ready to automate business processes from its first day of deployment. The platform learns from user interactions and human inputs to recommend new automations. 1Desk allows for the progressive enhancement of automated workflows with digital and human colleagues working together to discover new process efficiencies. 1Desk records and logs every action it takes, and that information that can be viewed and analyzed to make additional improvements.
1desk flow

30% Increase in IT Efficiency

Within 90 days we’ll have your IT operation running smoother. Keep your legacy systems or start from scratch.


60% Reduction in Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

1Desk solves support and systems issues faster, improving productivity and reducing errors through its combination of autonomic and cognitive technology.


56% of IT Events Automated

1Desk automates busy work and repetitive tasks, so IT support teams can focus on more complex and critical projects.

Why IPsoft and 1Desk?

IPsoft delivers Enterprise AI to the world’s largest companies and organizations, resulting in measurable business benefits. With our 20 years of market experience, we know what it takes to successfully deploy AI use cases across a variety of industries.


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