Only 11% of companies have adopted RPA widely across the enterprise, according to PwC. 1Desk’s 1RPA features built-in cognitive AI and dynamic scalability, enabling cost-effective and easy-to-use Conversational RPA.

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As you guide Amelia, IPsoft’s digital colleague, through each step of a business process, Amelia builds a new bot for you.

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Natural Language Reading

Our bots can read and understand web pages, emails, programs, or any unstructured text you put in front of them. They organize the data as the business process requires and deliver the correct placements for an intelligent automation. This happens on-the-fly with no need for you to limit your automations to structured formats.

Dynamic Scalability

Traditional RPA bots can only handle one task at a time and require clones of a bot to run simultaneously. Vendors then charge you for every concurrent process. We don’t do this. 1RPA is as scalable as the compute power you enable.

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Our Differentiators

1RPA is the easiest to use, most cost-effective and most intelligent RPA solution in the market.


Cognitive RPA Combined with AI

There’s no need to write new code or structure unstructured data. Amelia understands a specific task and creates a bot in minutes.

Cost-Effective Scalability

1RPA is available as a yearly, per-bot subscription with no fees for additional components. We don’t charge extra when volume spikes and as a part of 1Desk, you are entitled to unlimited 1RPA bots.

Improve, Don’t Replace

If you’re already working with a traditional RPA vendor, don’t worry.  We leverage and reuse existing designs to create faster and more efficient 1RPA bots.

What Makes 1RPA Different?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables software bots to mimic human interaction with a user interface. Unfortunately, traditional RPA tools are difficult to implement, they age quickly, and the cost of adoption lessens the overall financial benefit. As 1Desk’s 1RPA is powered by Artificial Intelligence, we’re able to eliminate these issues.

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Regardless of how many tasks need automating, 1RPA can handle multiple processes with no effect on functionality or performance.



Unlike traditional RPA tools, 1RPA doesn’t require software agents to be installed on your PCs.



The BPMN Studio is especially designed for business users with little-to-no scripting experience to build intelligent automations based on how their work gets done.

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A major IPsoft client offboards roughly 200 workers each month. Each worker must be restricted from accessing applications immediately upon leaving the company. On average, each employee is credentialed in 12 applications, which translates into more than 2,400 individual access restriction requests for IT support staff every month. With the time it takes to offboard an employee, and the security risks involved, our client needed to find a way to handle offboarding requests immediately and at scale, regardless of when they were submitted, or how many were made.

Thanks to 1RPA, our client was able to automate 100% of its offboarding tasks, and the procedure is now available anytime day or night. Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) is down 81%.

Download this case study to find out how 1RPA delivered real business benefits for our client.

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For one of our clients, 1RPA reduced MTTR for offboarding employees by 81%.



1RPA automated 100% of a client’s Oracle Primavera recertification and deactivation process.



1RPA automated roughly 15,000 IT Service Desk tasks for a client, saving 476 days of human labor.

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