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IPsoft today highlights the extent to which organizations are wasting valuable human resources, by revealing five IT support activities that organizations aren’t automating, simply because they don’t know that they can. The expert systems specialists are urging businesses to reassess IT support practices to identify opportunities for automation within their businesses. Rather than focusing on automating simple tasks, organizations should identify commonly occurring activities which are time consuming and often frustrating, and seek to find system-driven improvements.


As a leading player in this market IPsoft is well-positioned to offer advice to businesses on the tasks which they will benefit from automating. Examples include:


    • Running diagnostics: Up to 70 percent of the time taken to fix an issue is in diagnosing the cause. Automating can free up significant amounts of employee time.


    • Predictive incident management: Automations can be taught to recognize impending issues and take corrective action before they have any impact.


    • Requesting permission: Many support tasks stall because staff have to seek approval. Automations can seamlessly manage approval and escalation processes.


    • Service readiness checks: Many applications require complex multi-stage “ready for service” checks before opening for business, where automation can save both effort and time.


    • Password management: While password self-service is commonplace, automation can take the next step and provide SMS users a new password immediately after they hit the retry limit.


Terry Walby, UK managing director of IPsoft, comments: “By integrating an expert system that can automate complex processes and continually learns and develops, businesses can immediately cut up to 70 percent of wasted effort and recoup an average 30-35 percent in costs.”


Autonomic systems are the only solutions that can not only automate tasks, but continually learn and adapt. By mapping logical workflows into dynamic decision trees and logic, such systems are able to follow the same end-to-end processes as human experts, and thus automate not just the task, but the ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ decisions as well.


Walby concludes: “Truly expert systems can be used to automate the simple tasks of your 1st or even 2nd line IT support staff as well as many of the complex multi-stage activities IT engineers are stuck with on a day-to-day basis. By replicating the activities – both tasks and decisions – of human support engineers, systems can follow the same processes, including running system commands, evaluating responses, seeking out the relevant information and documentation, carrying out resolutions and, if required, providing an approving party with the right information to make an informed and rapid decision.


“Our experience has shown that, by doing this, businesses can free up to half of the man hours associated with these activities. This time can then be allocated to other areas of the business to realize huge cost, efficiency and productivity gains and help achieve business goals.”


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