SEB, the leading Nordic corporate bank, has completed a rapid deployment of IPsoft’s cognitive virtual agent Amelia inside their IT Service Desk. The Amelia pilot rolled out in August 2016 and within three weeks interacted with 700 bank employees and handled 4000 conversations. The project met its targets two weeks ahead of schedule.

During the rollout, an SEB project team member commented, “The response is always positive when we introduce Amelia to the staff. As soon as Amelia is demonstrated, the room fills with positive energy.”

Of her first 4000 conversations the majority were solved by Amelia, so agents were freed from repetitive employee queries. As for the queries Amelia cannot resolve, she observes the employee-agent interaction, learning how to deal with similar variations. Once her learnings are approved by her human supervisors she can answer these queries herself. The pilot phase also measured the ability to automate requests end- to-end by integrating Amelia with IPcenter, IPsoft’s service delivery platform. SEB had already deployed IPcenter through a long-standing contract with IPsoft, so new automations were quickly deployed. Amelia integrates securely with SEB back-end systems via IPcenter’s autonomic engine, giving her a robust platform to engage with.

By adopting Amelia in its IT Service Desk, SEB can improve user experience and speed up response for requests, while providing staff with time to dedicate to more complex requests.
The bank’s deployment highlights the potential of integrating digital labor, autonomics, people, processes and technology into a single system. Amelia’s performance has inspired SEB to continue the journey. The bank is now extending its use Amelia to incorporate support centers and customer-facing channels.

Amelia’s role covers two internal business cases which make up 15% of the Service Desk volume: Identity Access Management and Knowledge Management. These were chosen after prioritizing 90 tasks Amelia was capable of supporting. Amelia is engaging directly with employees to:

  • Unlock Active Directory accounts
  • Unlock accounts for a mortgage application for home loans
  • Provide password guidance
  • Supply knowledge base answers to questions like ”How do I order remote access?”

Read the white paper.