The problem:
The media services company, a $34 billion leading U.S. based provider of cable,
entertainment and communications products and services, required support for
a diverse infrastructure consisting of 2,000 Oracle instances, 500 SQL instances,
12,000 servers and 3,000+ applications.

The solution:
IPsoft provided the company with IPcenter, its market proven management
platform, to manage the diverse and complex IT Infrastructure. Services
include full database and applications administration for all core
programs running in the company’s Development, QA and Production
environments including: Oracle Streams, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Golden Gate,
Oracle RAC (multi-node) and Oracle Application Server (OAS).

The result:
IPcenter enabled the company to streamline its IT operations and scale with its
continuously evolving and growing environment, saving over 32% annually.
IPsoft’s Continual Service Improvement team (CSI) has developed nearly 6,000
new automations aimed at eliminating repetitive tasks of human engineers.


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