At this year’s Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, IPsoft demonstrated how our autonomic and cognitive solutions can transform your operations. By augmenting your workforce with digital labor we can help you outpace your competitors and increase your contact with customers.

Watch the recordings of our speaking sessions

Run IT operations with digital labor; Cognitive IT has arrived.

Hear Chetan Dube, IPsoft CEO and President, outline his vision of the future of IT operations powered by digital labor. See a live demonstration of Apollo, a groundbreaking new technology.

Digital labor live: Amelia’s first roles in financial services

In a highly regulated industry, Amelia is helping banks and insurers re-invent customer engagement in order to stay ahead of the competition. Watch a live interaction and hear directly from Tom DeCarlo, Head of Client Services, UBS, about his experience of leading cognitive-enabled transformation.

Read a summary.

Can a digital agent run my IT service desk?

Tomorrow’s IT managers will train and orchestrate efforts between humans and machines so that they work together seamlessly. See a demonstration of Apollo bring to life the future of IT operations.

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