Digital Labour has taken pride of place amongst the leading cognitive and AI powered technologies that are driving the digital revolution. Whilst we are aware of these technologies, understanding how to best adopt and integrate them into our business can be difficult. Here’s where the Digital Labour Live series comes in.

Over the course of the series, we and our guests look to provide insight into the various elements of recruiting a digital workforce. We look to answer questions such as: How does digital labour fit into a digital strategy? How do I successfully employ a digital workforce? How can you better make sense of the digital and cognitive marketplace? What sort of pricing models can we use for digital labour adoption?

Our guests for the first Nordic Digital Labour Live event include Nicolas Moch, who has helped lead the successful employment of a digital workforce at SEB. During SEB’s implementation so far, digital labour has been rolled out to assist both internal and external customers.

We hope you can join us for the first of many Digital Labour Live gatherings here in the Nordic region.