NEW YORK, NY – IPsoft is to host its inaugural Digital Workforce Summit on June 1st, 2017. Senior executives from a wide range of industries will be invited to take a unique journey into the future with an aim to gain a competitive advantage in the age of AI. They will witness how the evolution of IPsoft’s cognitive virtual agent, Amelia, sets a new paradigm for how digital labor can behave and integrate with human teams.

The event will gather together business leaders and offer them the opportunity to hear the insights of early AI adopters on how to drive an effective digital workforce strategy and inspire them to lead their own AI-driven transformations.

“CXOs recognize the enormous potential for AI to transform their business and are hungry to discover more about the successful deployment of cognitive agents in order to provide a unique experience to their customers and internal users,” said Edwin van Bommel, Chief Cognitive Officer.

“We are privileged to be bringing together a host of pioneering executives who are implementing Amelia today as well as senior industry leaders and academics who are shaping the best practices around embracing AI. Together these speakers will deliver a highly valuable perspective on the strategies and skills needed to be a successful leader in the age of AI.”

Across six industry sessions, executives from 10 of the world’s leading banks, insurers, telecom providers and healthcare firms will share their stories on how they have employed Amelia within their organizations.

Industry experts will be joined by pre-eminent scholars, who are shaping the attitudes towards adopting AI, to debate the social and economic implications of digital labor as the world works to embrace the full potential of artificial intelligence. Amongst these will be Professor Nick Bostrom of Oxford University, who has led the global ethics discussion on the need for policies to protect humanity in the face of an emergent ‘superintelligence’. Also addressing the summit will be Professor Tom Davenport of Babson College, who’s highly acclaimed book ‘Only Humans Need Apply’ is shaping management thinking about future hybrid workforces.

In his opening keynote, IPsoft CEO and President, Chetan Dube, will be addressing the next step in AI’s evolution when he introduces Amelia 3.0. In a live challenge, Dube will put Amelia’s natural understanding to the test and allow delegates to judge for themselves whether we are breaking new ground in the humanization of AI. We will then go on to exploring how this scientific advancement will impact the roles digital employees can fulfill and if this will trigger a turning point in the relationship between man and machine.

This is a by invitation only event. To learn more and apply, please visit our application page.