IPsoft Digital Workforce Summit Analyst Perspectives is a collection of video interviews with analysts who are authorities on artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies.

“What’s I think been very encouraging about what we’ve been hearing the last few months – and then seen here at the event with IPsoft – is that those use cases are really maturing and the volumes and the spread across industries is becoming fairly rich, and basically I think signals that it’s really poised for accelerated growth here in the next few years.”

-Eric Simonson
Everest Group

Eric is a Managing Partner at Everest Group, determining the firm’s research agenda and advising clients on marketplace trends.

“What was even more encouraging was to know there are a lot of emerging use cases of Amelia. I really think IPsoft is poised for excellence in the virtual agent space.”

-Amardeep Modi
Everest Group

Amardeep is a Senior Analyst at Everest Group on the Service Optimization Technologies team, including Service Delivery Automation technologies.

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