NelsonHall Analyst recognizes IPsoft’s continued progress in emotional, contextual and process intelligence

Amelia’s growing depth of humanlike intelligence is taking IPsoft’s AI platform beyond the capabilities offered by traditional chatbots, according to analyst firm NelsonHall. In a newly published article, entitled “Amelia enhances its emotional, contextual and process intelligence to outwit chatbots,1 John Willmott, CEO of NelsonHall, reviews the latest iteration of Amelia and assesses the impact of a range of new capabilities that have been introduced.

Willmott recognizes several notable improvements to Amelia, including the ability to “provide conversations rather than transactions to understand customer intent, and to deliver a point- to-point and empathetic response,” as well as a “much greater range of emotional, contextual and process ‘intelligence’ than the perceived competition in the form of chatbots.”

The review highlights Amelia’s unique positioning in the market. Willmott notes that Amelia’s “emphasis on ‘conversations and empathic responses’ differentiates the software from more transactionally-focused cognitive software.”

Other noted improvements in areas ranging from machine and deep learning, advanced analytics, and smart workflows to experience management, and supervised automated learning, are commended by Willmott as “considerable investments in developing Amelia with the aim of becoming the leading cognitive agent for customer service.”

“The continuing development of Amelia enables IPsoft to deliver a unique capability to the market by providing ‘the most human AI,’” says Chetan Dube, IPsoft’s CEO. “IPsoft continually strives to push the limits of Artificial Intelligence, and as noted by many of the customers speaking at this year’s Digital Workforce Summit, this superior capability is allowing enterprises to break ground in delivering digital transformation.”

Read the full paper “Amelia enhances its emotional, contextual and process intelligence to outwit chatbots” by visiting this link. To hear more about how Amelia is redefining the digital workplace and augmenting the modern workforce with cognitive technology, watch the replays of more than 20 clients sharing their ground-breaking experience of working with Amelia on stage at IPsoft’s recent Digital Workforce Summit.

1Amelia Enhances its Emotional, Contextual and Process Intelligence to Outwit Chatbots, NelsonHall, August 2017

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