IPsoft Digital Workforce Summit Analyst Perspectives is a collection of video interviews with analysts and advisors who are authorities on artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies.

“The market for intelligent automation is exploding. The opportunity is boundless in my mind… I think it’s one of the most exciting markets I’ve seen in my business career…”

“IPsoft is a fascinating company to me. I’ve been very impressed with Chetan from the first time I’ve met him. I have put him in the same category as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs – someone who clearly wants to change the world. It’s not just about artificial intelligence, it’s certainly not only about capitalism. It’s really much more about making a profound effect on the world. IPsoft is one of my favorite companies to kind of keep an eye on.”

-Chip Wagner
ISG (Information Services Group)

Chip is Partner and President of ISG Business and Emerging Services. ISG is a leading global technology research and advisory firm.

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