Within five years the make-up of the workforce will be entirely different to the one we see today. The productivity benchmarks that set market leaders apart from the stragglers will be set at new levels. The bar for customer service will be higher than we have ever seen it before.

Whilst many of us are aware of digital labour, understanding how to best adopt and integrate it into our business can be difficult. Here’s where the Digital Labour Live series comes in. We explore how cognitive digital labour is providing a scalable workforce that is driving customer experience and productivity to new levels.

Over the course of the series, we and our guests look to provide insight into the various elements of implementing a digital workforce. We look to answer questions such as: How does digital labour fit into a digital strategy? How do I successfully employ a digital workforce? How can you better make sense of the digital and cognitive marketplace? What sort of pricing models can we use for digital labour adoption?

Our guests for our first Benelux event include Arjan de Jong, who has helped lead the successful employment of a digital workforce at Nuon Energy (Vattenfall) and Jan Peter de Valk, who, as a CIO and Corporate Board member himself, has helped successfully implement a digital culture throughout organisations starting with the boardroom.

We hope you can join us for the first of many Digital Labour Live gatherings.