Jennifer Hewit, Credit Suisse’s Head of Cognitive and Digital Services

Jennifer Hewit, Credit Suisse’s Head of Cognitive and Digital Services

A recent article (subscription required) deftly examines the mounting influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in IT operations. The piece, which references IPsoft’s work with our customer Credit Suisse, delves into the ways in which digital colleagues such as IPsoft’s Amelia help to improve customer support and more complex IT processes.

Jennifer Hewit, Credit Suisse’s Head of Cognitive and Digital Services, described in the piece the challenges of running a support center using only human labor. Hewit also recently attended IPsoft’s second annual Digital Workforce Summit where she shared her perspective as an AI Pioneer at Credit Suisse, one of the industry’s leading global financial services firms.

“We were primarily a voice-only support center, which didn’t enable us to have efficiencies in terms of how we handled our users queries,” Hewit told “So we wanted to provide a new channel into the service desk, and introduce chat for a quicker response and action to our users.”

Amelia is an ideal solution for service operations and employee support. She’s available 24/7/365 and scales as call volume increases, so users don’t ever have to wait for help. When a company hires Amelia, it isn’t hiring a single digital colleague, but rather a team of workers who expands and contracts as volume requires. Additionally, Amelia recalls historical conversations, handles complex multi-directional dialogue, and helps with advanced issues.

Amelia operates as the in-house virtual IT service desk agent for Credit Suisse employees. Today, Amelia is helping Credit Suisse serve 76,000 users in 40 countries, and she has allowed Credit Suisse to move some of its 80 tech support agents to higher-level support, according to the article.

Amelia also operates within 1Desk, IPsoft’s end-to-end IT operations management solution. Ideal for stand-alone IT operations, 1Desk connects a company’s front- and back-office technology to form a single ecosystem for business systems. Using 1Desk allows businesses to automate simple IT tasks, create automations for new IT resolutions, and monitor the health of IT operations from one comprehensive user interface.

Beyond IT support and operations, 1Desk can deliver shared business services across a variety of functions. If an employee has forgotten her human resources system password, she can simply type a message to Amelia to reset her password. Or, if an employee needs to check on the status of expense report, he can ask Amelia for an update. These are processes that have traditionally required volleys of emails and phone calls, with messages left in inboxes or voice mailboxes, while pressing work goes undone. With 1Desk — a combination of cognitive AI, autonomics, and analytics — businesses can get the most out of business processes and the people who perform them.

Hewit told that Amelia continues to learn as she takes on more service desk requests and volume. “My ambition is by the end of the year to have automated 25 percent of the queries coming into the service desk,” Hewit told