Cognilytica calls out IPsoft’s ability to drive digital transformation

Following the success of the second annual Digital Workforce Summit 2018, AI research firm Cognilytica published a comment on IPsoft and its intelligent enterprise solutions, which is available to download here. In addition to providing background and competitive information about IPsoft, the report states that “the play here [for IPsoft] is for a broad, intelligent, AI-enabled, autonomous platform that enterprises can leverage for a wide range of tasks and be seen as a new, core enterprise platform that companies can rely upon to drive further digital transformation.”

IPsoft helps companies from across multiple industries achieve digital transformation through solutions such as our industry-leading digital colleague Amelia. Amelia reimagines the user interface (UI) by dynamically empowering users to execute complex tasks end-to-end using natural language commands. With a single AI investment, companies are able to scale services, reduce overhead, and amplify employee productivity.

The research firm’s report takes note of Amelia’s many use cases. “Anywhere a human agent can be found, ​Amelia can be trained for that environment. Banks and insurance companies are most interested in ​Amelia because of the ability to handle a variety of customer service and upsell situations,” the report states.

In addition to Amelia’s consumer-facing roles such as those in automated customer support centers, she can also be hired and trained for internal-facing support for employees (read a recent case study about Amelia’s role handling IT support for a global telco here).

IPsoft’s combination of solutions, Cognilytica noted, is a key differentiator between IPsoft and the rest of the market.

Beyond reimagining the UI, IPsoft is helping companies to unify their entire organization into a single efficient platform. 1Desk, which includes Amelia, is IPsoft’s autonomic enterprise service platform which automates processes across disparate departments. By autonomics with cognitive AI, employees are able to execute complex tasks across different departments using natural language commands. For example, a line of business manager could ask Amelia, “Please order new laptops for all employees using desktops purchased before 2015.” The system would automatically execute all necessary steps to satisfy that request, including isolating outdated models, ordering the correct number of replacement laptops, pre-installing the correct software and credentials, and scheduling a change-out for all impacted employees.

IPsoft’s combination of solutions, Cognilytica noted, is a key differentiator between IPsoft and the rest of the market. While other firms are offering Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solutions, “IPsoft has a much broader offering, mission, and focus than business process-focused IPA vendors, many of which do not have the general intelligent assistant vision of ​IPsoft.”

IPsoft’s solutions can unify — and therefore reimagine — how an entire organization functions and generate new business value. And that translates into real digital transformation.