Analysts play a vital role in shaping the emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketplace for the enterprise — in fact, they play multiple roles: They help companies decide which AI solutions are the best fit for their operations, and they advise AI firms about the areas most-ripe for industry disruption.

In short, analysts help facilitate the conversation between companies and vendors like IPsoft. It is therefore the crucial job of the IPsoft’s Analyst Relations (AR) team to make sure Amelia is well represented in these conversations, just as it is essential that they distribute analysts’ feedback to the relevant parts of our company. Central to our AR team’s efforts is Senior Analyst Relations Manager Emma Handler, the latest subject of our ongoing series “The Real Women Behind Amelia.”

In this edition, Emma, who is based in Boston, touches on the importance of analysts within our industry, how her varied career path contributed to success in her current role, and the one cuisine she couldn’t do without.

How would you describe your role with the Analyst Relations team?

We help independent industry tech analysts amplify IPsoft: our brand, products, customers, and how we fit into the marketplace.

Analyst Relations involves a lot more than just marketing. Marketing is a big part of what our team does as we are sharing our product messaging with analysts, but at the same time, it’s also strategy and corporate communications — it touches on every piece of the business. The Analyst Relations team needs to communicate with content, events, and sales to understand what everybody is doing, so then I can share that information with the analysts, and conversely take all their feedback and integrate it back into our organization.

Emma Handler, IPsoft’s Senior Analyst Relations Manager

Do you consider yourself to be a bridge between the analysts and IPsoft?

Analysts Relations involves more than just ensuring the analyst community understands IPsoft’s value proposition and communicates that to potential clients. We also use analysts’ input to refine our messaging and product differentiation, because they know what buyers are asking for and have a strong sense of market dynamics, competition, etc. Therefore, a strong Analyst Relations program involves a two-way flow of information.

What’s the importance of analysts in the AI space?

Analysts are key influencers — they advise buyers on the AI technologies that can solve their business problems. They also publish reports, which buyers read in order to get ideas about their own IT processes and allocate budget. Many analysts also contribute to media publications, speak at large industry conferences and advise C-Suite executives.

What features of Amelia are analysts most interested in?

As there are hundreds of different analyst firms, there is a range from niche coverage (i.e. just the banking industry) to broad coverage (i.e. IT spend in general). Gartner covers IT very broadly; they have thousands of analysts, some of whom are extremely technical. There are other firms that only cover a small niche, like Opus Research which mainly focuses on customer service. Part of my job is knowing what each analyst focuses on, what reports they plan to publish going forward, and strategically connect with them to ensure they are educated on the exciting advancements at IPsoft.

What projects are you currently working on?

Following DWS, we will be sending out videos of the presentations to those analysts that couldn’t attend the event. We get a lot of great coverage in analyst reports following the event, so we’re hoping to continue that momentum.

What were your past positions and how did they prepare you for your current role?

I’ve been doing Analyst Relations for three years. Prior to joining IPsoft, I worked at Wipro Technologies, a large Indian strategic integrator. That was my first role with AR.

Prior to that, I was in business school at Boston University. Before that, I was in a very different field — I used to be an English as a Second Language teacher, in both Boston and China. The communication skills that come from teaching people from all over the world is something that I’ve taken with me, as well as my love for English grammar.

What brought you to IPsoft?

I came here because of the product. I truly think Amelia is a market-leading technology that has the opportunity to revolutionize customer and employee experience. I’m passionate about sharing our expertise, products and customer stories with the analyst community. I’m excited to be part of a marketing team and company that’s growing so quickly. I’m able to see what is happening throughout the company, influence the way we grow, and see the results, which is really fun and very satisfying.


What is your favorite depiction of AI from science fiction?

Westworld.  Several of my friends have asked me about Westworld and how we can prevent machines from taking their revenge. I often assuage people’s fears that we are not even close to that reality.

Name a technology you’ve recently come in contact with that made you think, “Wow, I’m really living in the future.”

The consumer application of DNA testing is particularly interesting to me. There are several advanced products now that can test your DNA separately from your mother and your father and trace your lineage. I recently read about the advances in genetic testing and the way that it’s able to genetically connect all humans on the planet. I think that’s really fascinating. I’ve actually had my dog’s DNA tested. It’s become so accessible and affordable that people are able to test their pets!

Name a scientist or innovator whose contributions inspired you.

Ray Kurzweil. I don’t think we will reach The Singularity in the short- or even medium-term future, but the concept is really interesting — human and machine becoming one and the ability to upload one’s consciousness to the cloud and essentially live forever.

What’s something your co-workers would be surprised to learn about you?

I lived in China for a year after college and can speak a little Mandarin Chinese.

Your last meal would be?

Authentic Chinese food, of course!