Miriam Deasy is a Senior Analyst in Ovum’s Advanced Digital Services team. She focuses on application services for large enterprises, AI, automation, and business process outsourcing. Her key areas of expertise include IT services evaluation, industry analysis, forecasts, and market sizing. Miriam also has considerable experience in systems implementation, systems integration, business analysis, technical analysis, consultancy, and strategic marketing. Prior to joining Ovum in 2016, Miriam worked at EDS (now HP), Amdocs, and NATS. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business and legal studies from University College Dublin, Ireland.

This is the second year that Miriam has attended Digital Workforce Summit and her research note from 2017, IPsoft’s Amelia: More Than a Chatbot, describes Amelia’s strengths and market positioning. She has observed the evolution of Amelia and sees that specific solutions, like digital agents, have become very advanced during the last few years. However, she believes that we are only at the start of an AI evolution, and businesses will need discrete capabilities to come together in order to strengthen business operations. Businesses need to “have systems that can identify the beginning of the process, automate the actions during the process and then feed the analytics back in for something that will approach perfection as time goes on,” she said during an interview at DWS.

Miriam recognizes that when businesses are looking to implement AI solutions, they are often challenged with adoption and change management rather than the technology itself. “Where there’s resistance and where there’s a lack of understanding, education is key,” she said.

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