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At Celent, Senior Analyst Mike Fitzgerald’s research focuses on innovation, emerging technologies (blockchain, Artificial Intelligence), billing, business process and operations, social media, and distribution management. Prior to joining Celent, he was vice president of enterprise underwriting solutions at Zurich North America, where he led the evaluation of technology alternatives to support a new underwriting product development process. He held a number of positions at Royal & Sun Alliance, including a field operations regional executive role. His technology implementation experience includes the installation and maintenance of billing systems, automobile policy administration, and workers’ compensation automation.

Mike sees the AI market growing, both in terms of the number of companies using it as well as the complexity of its applications. During an interview at Digital Workforce Summit, he said he believes that we’ve moved on from the first phase of AI, which is rules based, and are now heading toward a more advanced evolution with AI doing, “some things you wouldn’t even think of systems as being able to do.”

Mike’s focus on insurance at Celent led him to pinpoint the Allstate story as a favorite from DWS. He was impressed at how Allstate has integrated Amelia with their human call center staff. As businesses start to invest in AI, they need to start small with projects that will provide efficiency benefits and quick ROI while planning for a future cognitive organization. “Don’t just think about what you want to do today, but consider in two or five years out what you’ll be asking the whole platform to do,” he said. Mike recommended “start planning for an environment that stretches across the enterprise and not just solves one problem in one business unit.” Watch Mike’s video here.