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Ken Landoline is a Principal Analyst in Ovum’s Customer Engagement team, specializing in on-premise and cloud contact center technologies and applications, such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and contact center business process outsourcing. He provides analysis and insight into contact center management, technology, operations workforce and customer engagement problems.

After listening to the presentations at IPsoft’s Digital Workforce Summit, Ken was surprised by the number of different vertical applications for AI. He follows the market from a contact center and customer engagement standpoint, and now realizes that the potential impact of AI is much larger, benefiting customers, employees and overall businesses. Ken understands that if we can use AI to shave time off the length of support calls, the cost savings and ROI will be significant. With many different products and applications, Ken also noted during an interview at DWS that “IPsoft is well positioned to capture a big piece of that market.”

Ethics and sensitivity around job loss were important DWS themes, and Ken said businesses to consider these issues when deploying their AI solutions. “We have to develop it so that it’s a big opportunity for most people instead of something to be afraid of,” Ken said. He said he appreciates that this technology is going to touch everybody’s lives in a substantial way, and looks forward to a future where he doesn’t have to go shopping ever again because AI will know what he needs and purchase it for him. Watch Ken’s video here.