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Xiao-Fei leads IDC’s BuyerPulse: Services Deals Analysis research team and is responsible for research content and program development. He also leads the worldwide research team in tracking deals from major services vendors. The team’s coverage includes customer/vendor relationships, deal value, industries, geographic scope, and other contract metrics. He also provides in-depth analysis on services deal trends in various services markets on a quarterly and an annual basis. Prior to joining IDC, he worked at both Oracle and the Asian Wall Street Journal. He also served as a research consultant for CellExchange, Forum Systems, and e21 Corp, conducting research in mobile technology, Web Services Security, and other IT related industries.

When considering the AI market, Xiao-Fei believes that we need a few more years for further development and that most organizations are still experimenting with pilots today. During an interview at IPsoft’s Digital Workforce Summit, he talked about the ease of building a chatbot but recognizes that assembling all of the different AI pieces requires far more technical expertise and experience. He was impressed by IPsoft’s solutions and its intentions to integrate data on the back-end and connect everything together using Amelia as the front-end user interface.

Xiao-Fei advised that organizations must get their employees onboard. “Train internal employees who are to become your digital advocates,” he said, because unless staff are engaged with the technology, organizations will struggle with their AI journey.