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Alex focuses on developing strategies for the adoption for Artificial Intelligence, RPA and Cognitive Automation for global clients across several industries. He currently leads a team of more than 30 people who design and implement transformation across technology, process, and operating models.

Alex plays a key role in the partnership between IPsoft and Deloitte. During an interview at DWS, he said he has been particularly impressed with how IPsoft has started “to approach the problems that businesses and consumers are facing, and their ability to adapt to the demands of the market and the trends in AI… and so they’ve really been shaping the way other companies tend to think about AI and been responsive to the trends that customers and competitors are seeing as well.”

As part of IPsoft’s partnership with Deloitte, Alex is particularly excited about 1Desk, because “having the ability to bring Amelia’s capabilities more deeply into the IT space is hugely valuable. It gives sort of the tip of the spear towards bringing AI into the organization, starting with a well-defined, hugely value-added use case in IT and then taking the Amelia platform to expand that outwards into HR, Finance [and] elsewhere. So multi-threaded conversations are really cool and I’m excited to see where that goes.”