Jennifer Hewit, Credit Suisse’s Head of Cognitive and Digital Services

Jennifer Hewit has more than 16 years of experience in IT in the investment banking industry. She has successfully managed all elements of delivering strategic transformation IT projects, including leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Technologies to drive real business impact, as well as leading complex business management functions. As head of Cognitive and Digital Services, Jennifer is responsible for simplifying and modernizing business process by implementing advanced innovative technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Machine Learning, Automated Call Distribution and Advanced Data Science and Analytics. She is responsible for combining these advanced technologies with best practices to increase efficiency, improve productivity and enhance user experience within the bank.

At Credit Suisse, Jennifer introduced Amelia to the global service desk. During this year’s Digital Workforce Summit, she explained how initially the support center was primarily voice-based, and Credit Suisse wanted a new channel to allow quicker response times. Today, Amelia operates as the in-house virtual IT service desk agent for employees, helping Credit Suisse serve 76,000 users in 40 countries. You can view her DWS presentation here.

In an interview at DWS, when asked her opinions on the event and the AI market, Jennifer noted that conversations are now focused on how machines can work directly with people to augment human intelligence. She believes that the possibilities for AI are unlimited and there are many potential uses that we haven’t even considered yet. Her advice for other leaders looking to implement AI is to think about the experience in order to delight users. “Have a mix of technologists, but have a mix of people who are humanistic and can help you understand how human beings work and can relate together,” she said.