Automation, conversational interfaces, and analytics can drive employee engagement and revenue growth, according to new report from Everest Group and IPsoft

NEW YORK (August 6, 2018) — Artificial Intelligence technologies — including automation, analytics and conversational interfaces — can greatly enhance the Employee Experience (EX) within enterprises, resulting in a more engaged workforce, competitive advantage and revenue growth, according to a new white paper unveiled today by Everest Group in partnership with IPsoft, the leader in Enterprise AI.

The white paper, “Reimagining the Employee Experience in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,” identifies key enabling technologies that can improve EX, which in turn can drive higher employee satisfaction, greater productivity and higher profitability. Enterprises that improve EX are found to be “four times more profitable than those that don’t,” according to Everest Group.

Source: Everest Group

“While individually these [AI] technologies offer value, the real impact on EX and ultimately business value — comes from bringing them together. Together, these technologies support a next-generation workforce,” the white paper states.

The report provides examples of how AI technologies can be used in several employee workplace scenarios to improve EX, and the associated business benefits. The paper also showcases a leading hotel company that uses IPsoft’s Amelia as a virtual agent to quickly resolve employee IT service desk queries. The implementation of Amelia resulted in more than an 80 percent reduction in the time taken for identity authentication, and a 30 percent increase in first contact call resolution. Results like these leads to faster IT service for employees, who can avoid losing time on dealing with IT support issues and instead remain focused on their jobs.

Improving Employee Experience with IPsoft’s 1Desk

The AI technologies highlighted in the Everest Group report are part of IPsoft’s 1Desk platform, which is designed to improve EX by driving end-to-end efficiencies within an organization, and by removing unnecessary and time-consuming steps from cumbersome internal service systems.

“Everest Group has provided further confirmation that AI technologies will power radically different business operations through fully automated end-to-end processes,” said IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube. “Just as our products can deliver revolutionary experiences to external customers, 1Desk can bring new efficiencies and time savings to enterprise employees at a scale never before possible.”

Amelia is the conversational interface for 1Desk, allowing employees to speak and chat in natural language and quickly receive support for HR, Finance, IT and other issues. Virtual engineers work with human colleagues to identify patterns and create new automated processes that are infinitely scalable, and that can complete repetitive tasks efficiently.

With 1Desk’s automation and cognitive interface, employees can quickly execute business processes, and continue with their work without logging a ticket, consulting an employee handbook or manual, or waiting in a help desk queue. “Organizations should take advantage of AI’s capability in creating a work environment that supports broader corporate goals of increased employee satisfaction, product/service speed-to-market, improved customer experience and loyalty, and faster revenue growth,” the white paper states.

Everest Group previously rated IPsoft as the leader in IT operations automation.

Source: Everest Group

About IPsoft

IPsoft is the world leader in Enterprise AI and the home of Amelia, the industry’s most-human digital AI colleague. Amelia’s ability to learn, interact and improve over time makes her the market’s only AI that can fully understand user needs and intentions. Amelia can be trained to recognize words and phrases in more than 100 languages. She delivers real-life business benefits including lower operating costs, higher customer satisfaction and increased employee productivity. IPsoft was the first company to launch an end-to-end digital platform, 1Desk, to deliver shared enterprise services. By connecting front-office conversations to back-end systems, IPsoft automates business processes that serve employees, customers and citizens, resulting in rapid resolutions, satisfied users and substantial organizational savings.

Headquartered in New York City, IPsoft has offices in 13 countries and serves more than 550 of the world’s leading brands directly, including more than half of the world’s largest IT services providers.

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