Security should be top-of-mind for any company with a digital footprint. However, companies have yet to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool for thwarting attacks and safeguarding business processes that are ripe for exploitation. A thought-provoking piece on these subjects by IPsoft Solution Architect Joe Michael is featured in Professional Security Magazine Online.

In his op-ed, Michael examines the reasons in which businesses should include AI into their overall operations strategy — especially for security-based processes. He cites two crucial IPsoft case studies, during which our digital colleague Amelia turned basic interactions into an added layer of security.

In the case of an online gaming company, Amelia prevented phishing attacks by verifying gamers’ identities at the start of customer service calls. She was able to detect that 4% of all chats were phishing attempts, and she was able to stop those calls from ever reaching a human agent.

Carestream Health deployed Amelia as a means to automate hardware and software delivery to its employees. Not only was Amelia able to streamline the employee onboarding process down to 10 minutes, she was also able to ensure that employee data and Carestream’s proprietary information was never exposed to unauthorized staffers during this process.

To read more about how AI can be a crucial safeguard against security breaches, check out Professional Security Magazine Online today.