IPsoft believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make workers and companies more productive. Because AI automates routine tasks, workers are able to handle complex issues, retrieve information quickly, and focus on revenue-generating projects. But can these benefits add up to a nationwide increase in productivity?

Martin Linstrom, Managing Director of the UK and Ireland at IPsoft, states in an op-ed on TechNative that automating basic IT services via digital colleagues such as IPsoft’s Amelia would help increase productivity in the UK. Linstrom believes that AI can enable employees to resolve minor issues quickly and without assistance, which would subsequently allow them to get back to more important tasks.

“No-one should claim that [AI] is the sole panacea to the UK’s productivity slip, but applying AI to this single problem [IT resolution] could save millions of hours and billions of pounds a year, and re-position the UK at the forefront of worldwide manufacturing output,” Linstrom writes.

The problems, argue Linstrom, are as follows: Workers in the UK wait too long to speak to overstretched IT staff to resolve issues. They can’t perform other tasks because finding resolutions to their problems requires them to halt other work. Employees are missing deadlines and, on average, IT failures within large enterprises render employees completely unable to do their jobs nearly two working days a year (15 hours a year per employee). Multiply that by millions of workers, and you have a massive drag on productivity.

“AI alone will not immediately elevate the country to the very top of the global production league,” Linstrom writes. “It will, however, offer part of a dependable future solution– perhaps in the most unexpected and pioneering ways.”

By partnering with a company like IPsoft, IT organizations are able to employ a reliable, always-on, scalable digital colleague who can solve basic and, in some cases, more extreme IT issues without constant input from human workers.

To learn more about how AI can help improve productivity in the UK, and how it can solve IT issues, check out TechNative today.