The following originally appeared on the UK-based website TechMarketView (subscription required).

Yesterday, [we] spent some time with the European arm of AI and automation software player IPsoft. Our host for the day was new European CEO Jeff Heenan-Jalil (see Wipro’s Heenan-Jalil jumps ship to IPsoft) who is already busy retuning the European businesses strategy as IPsoft heads towards an IPO, possibly later this year.

Jeff is tasked with scaling the European arm significantly and is sensibly focusing efforts on growing IPsoft’s partner network in the region. Plans for the European arm will see the business initially focus on a smaller number of geographies (including UK, Iberia and DACH region) and become much more about selling product rather than services.

IPsoft has always had some very impressive technology – indeed, I remember being wowed by Amelia, its human-like AI, when I first encountered it a few years ago. Whilst the technology remains as impressive as ever, what is particularly interesting is the way in which IPsoft is differentiating itself from other automation and AI providers in what has become a crowded and often confusing market.

IPsoft is perhaps best known for IPcenter, its IT service management platform, but now offers a suite of products that can be either standalone or delivered as an integrated package. This includes Amelia, now described as “Conversational AI” and providing a Natural Language Interface for a variety of front and back office systems, and 1Desk that integrates both IT operations and shared services into a single platform, which then in turn can be accessed via natural conversations with Amelia.

What is new is the addition of its own RPA solution. Whilst late to the RPA party, IPsoft joins a very competitive market with a differentiated offer. Not only is it priced very aggressively and designed to drive much better rates of utilisation, it also offers integration with more intelligent tools such as Amelia at a time when a maturing market is starting to look for more intelligent capability. This is all very sensible stuff — 1RPA gives IPsoft an entry-level product that should help it expand the account base that can then be upsold with higher-value solutions.