Jeff Heenan-Jalil, CEO of IPsoft Europe, recently spoke with Digital Bulletin magazine about the many reasons why Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become ubiquitous as an enterprise solution in the coming years. In the piece, Jeff details why companies have begun moving from AI pilot phases into full-blown integrations with IT, supply chain and customer service technologies.

Among the many topics discussed, Jeff describes IPsoft’s business proposition as giving clients the ability to “roll out a dynamic enterprise application or technologies that can cut across multiple functions.” In other words, it’s time for companies to stop applying new technologies in incremental steps for incremental value. AI can be the game-changer that transforms digital operations from the ground up.

“We believe that we have got the platform for the evolution of AI to be robust, and able to be rolled out across an enterprise,” he said. “It is no longer about putting Band-Aids on to actually provide a form of efficiency in one singular process.”

In the profile, Jeff also defends AI against skeptics who see the technology as a job-killer or as a potential threat to human existence.

“I think this vision of the war of the robots, or the Terminator, is a long way off, it is a thing consigned to the past,” he explained. “Consumers are using [AI applications] on a daily basis, they see it as an enhancement to their life as opposed to a threat.”

The profile’s author agrees with Jeff.

“Once a fiction of fantasy, the business argument for AI has now been effectively made, with many use cases, proving it can make businesses more efficient and effective,” he wrote. “With companies battling to find an edge in their markets, enterprise AI is unquestionably on the crest of a wave. And IPsoft is in the perfect place to ride it all the way.”