As the industry-leading virtual agent, Amelia consistently demonstrates her ability to improve performance and customer service across industries. Her particular prowess and skills in banking, and our 1Bank solution, are highlighted during an interview with Johan Toll, IPsoft’s Director of Enterprise Transformation, in the Spring issue of Financial IT.

In the interview titled “AI-Powered Assistants in Banking: What Is their Business Impact?”, Johan discusses the various differences between Amelia and simple chatbots, why and how banks and financial services firms are investing in AI use cases, and the capabilities of the 1Bank solution.

Amelia in 1Bank “supports human agents by relieving them of simple tasks, so they have more time to spend with customers on the complex and emotionally charged interactions,” Johan says. “In these simpler interactions, it is often preferable for the customer to interact with the cognitive assistant as it avoids long wait times and laboursome authentication processes at the beginning of each interaction.” He goes on to mention Allstate’s use of Amelia as a whisper agent for human customer service personnel on policy transactions and information.

Johan also explains that conversational banking, as offered through 1Bank, is a sign of how banking is transforming due to the increased use of AI and mobile banking applications. “The shift has meant that banks are not only able to better understand their customer’s individual identity, but also start to reestablish their own personal brand identity at every engagement,” he says.

Financial IT is a quarterly financial technology magazine, covering the latest trends in payments and banking innovations, that is widely-read by banking sector executives.  Click on this link to read the entire interview with Johan (starting on page 29).