As IPsoft’s “The Real Women Behind Amelia” series can attest, we place tremendous value in highlighting our extraordinary colleagues. As part of Women’s History Month, Forbes Contributor Rajinder Tumber profiled Tracey Robinson, one of the truly elite members of the IPsoft team.

As the Director of Cognitive Implementation, Tracey is responsible for ensuring companies generate the most business value from our industry-leading technologies. In the Q&A session with Rajinder, Tracey discusses her role at IPsoft and the path that led her to a career in Artificial Intelligence.

“Throughout my career in various industries, AI has always fascinated me. I’d say it began during my work as a criminal intelligence analyst in the police force; I was always looking for ways to leverage AI to help investigate crimes and predict crime trends without bias,” Tracey told Rajinder. “Following that, during my time in insurance and healthcare I was interested in learning how we could leverage AI to improve the quality of customer and patient experiences.”

The conversation also touches on what it’s like for Tracey to be successful professional in a field that tends to attract more male employees. On this subject, Tracey offers the following advice to any women who are looking to join the AI industry:

“One of the best pieces of advice I received at 19 years of age as a probationary constable in the police. My first ever sergeant told me if you want to be good at anything you must learn to ‘adapt and overcome.’ While this was targeted to policing at the time, his advice was specific to being resilient to rapid and constant change. Drawing this back to AI (and life in general), the technology is evolving at a rapid pace, the competition in the market is fierce and the impact it will have on the future of work, healthcare and society at whole will be enormous. Every day is a new learning experience, especially when you’re operating on the edge of emerging technology and applying it in the field. So my advice is to ‘adapt and overcome.’”

If you’re inspired by Tracey’s words, and you’re interested in pursuing a career in the AI field, check out our careers page.