IPsoft’s virtual agent Amelia is transforming how companies operate in the finance and insurance sectors, but she can have a similar impact across other industries as well. For example, since 2017, Amelia has been hard at work automating various high-volume tasks for the Switzerland-based hospitality management school École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL).

The implementation was spearheaded by EHL’s Chief Digital Officer Julia Aymonier, and the institution’s work was highlighted in a recent ComputerWeekly feature. According to the piece’s author, Karl Flinders, Aymonier began the journey by asking the students what they wanted — and they all came back wanting a conversational virtual assistant. Now prospective or future students can interact with Amelia on the school’s website to access admissions information, while current students can simply talk to Amelia if they need a password reset through their device or a physical kiosk at the IT service desk.

Amelia can even grant Wi-Fi access to school visitors — which is particularly valuable during school job fairs that can attract dozens of visiting company representatives. The previous method involving SMS messages was complex and inefficient, particularly when dealing with visitors with international phones that required constant intermediation from the IT staff. Amelia has greatly simplified the process.

“In the past, when the school held open days and other events, it used to have four staff onsite just to answer questions about Wi-Fi,” Aymonier told ComputerWeekly. “Now Amelia has taken over, we just have one member of staff on-call.”

Now the staff wants to automate all high-volume tasks so they can spend more time on more complex issues. As for the students? According to Aymonier: “Everyone wants to use it and the students are driving me crazy because they want Amelia everywhere!”

For more on EHL’s AI journey, read the full ComputerWeekly article here.