“Amelia is at the forefront of allowing longer interactions for processes that require a lot of steps,” explains Stanford University Professor Christopher Manning in a recent interview with NS Business. “A lot of companies have facilities in NLU. Siri and Google Assistant enable you to do simple tasks like make a calendar entry or play a certain type of song. Ask a question about how much the Californian surplus was last year and you might get the answer. But to be able to have an extended interaction through the phases of merging two accounts together requires a few steps and flexibility as there are conditions of how you understand different contexts.”

Click here to see Christopher Manning in conversation with IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube at this year’s Digital Workforce Summit.

As part of this fascinating piece, Professor Manning discussed Natural Language Processing (NLP) and his groundbreaking work helping IPsoft develop our industry-leading Intelligent Virtual Agent Amelia, which allows enterprises to offer truly comprehensive engagements with users.

While solutions such as Amelia are already changing the way that business is done (read some recent case studies here, here and here), Professor Manning feels that we are only at the beginning of this exciting new era. “There’s a lot of reality behind the hype that’s beginning to change the world and will change it a lot more,” he explains. “We’re just in the beginning phase for how AI will be deployed in the business world. There’s huge opportunities for companies to make use of AI and make large amounts of money doing that.”

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